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Que tal peeps!

First of all thanks to all who liked, clipped, and commented in my card Eat Jungkook's Burgers. CLICK the link if you haven't seen it. Every since Jo Se Ho behaviors on the show "Flower Crew" on SBS he has gotten a backlash of comments from angry ARMY. I will admit I was pissed about the incident. I said my two cents, but I did not go on social media hunting for this guy. However. some ARMY WERE GOING FOR HIS HEAD. As I said before people reap what they sow. I just hope this incident can be a learning moment for all. Any ways, Jo Se Ho did respond to the criticism he was getting. Basically, he said he was trying to be too close to Jungkook. I guess this mean that he was trying to speak to him of Jungkook's peers would speak to him or joke with him. He didn't know what he did would be offensive. Jo Se Ho said "To be honest, I thought we were really close. We were all getting along well since it was all guys, but then a problem arose. There was a misunderstanding because I was trying too hard to become closer with them, and that caused a problem." (Source) So I guess Jo Se Ho thought they were close enough that he could joke in that manner. My thing is of that was the case wouldn't Jungkook acted differently? It seem like he was unable easy the whole time after all the "joking". BUT HE STILL DIDN'T APOLOGIZE! Yes, he did what he did and he can't take it back. I feel like even he sees that what he did was offensive even he didn't think so at that moment. However, he wants to label it "joke", "misunderstanding", or whatever he should put on his grown man undies and apologize. Anyways many ARMYS are pissed and many said that they will no longer support the show. Also the criticism for Jo Se Ho is not dying down as or yet either. I got all this from allkpop. Click this link or the source link above to see the full article.



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I'm very upset with what Seho did to both Jungkook and Minsuk, but some people are going too far by saying that they should end the show. Like despite the chaos, this IS Jungkook's first variety alone, don't you think he might still wanna be in the program despite what happened? I do wish Seho would apologize but because he feels like he did no wrong, he won't say anything. I just hope Seho stops the cockiness and behave like a comedian, not a bully.
@AlittleJoy And @JamiMilsap I agree with the both of you, yes Seho did wrong and I feel like it might have been a bit of jealousy towards Jungkook, being as young as he is and as popular as he is, even though his debut was just 3 years ago, that made seho act that way. because I've learned about his personality ever since roommate, and I know he can be too much on occasions. he can very easily take his jokes too far. in this case, I feel like ARMY's have done nothing wrong because he needed to be put back into place because what he did was simply rude. he was being cocky and ungrateful. had he called it a joke from the beginning and just eaten the burger just simply out of courtesy for the person who bought it, none of this would have happened.
To be fair I've seen SeHo on other variety shows, and he seems to be an okay guy at heart, but really awkward with people, like he's always trying too hard, so I can believe that he didn't mean to be rude and make Kookie feel bad. I also believe that he's so wrapped up in himself that he couldn't even notice how uncomfortable he was making everyone. I'm not for attacking people, but maybe it's not a bad thing that ARMY let him know about himself because for some people you really have to give them a hard slap to get their attention.
@AlittleJoy he should've made it clear if they are "friends" and joke around. I'll act like that towards friends but immediately say I'm just joking and gladly accept whatever they're giving me especially if we were on a live broadcast where people could misinterpret what I meant. I'm not defending this guy in the least. I think he's just trying to quickly cover up what he did wrong so he won't get hate but in all honesty he deserves it.
@PrettieeEmm Exactly! He was not like this on Roommate! Because he started gaining popularity on Roommate for his humor, he began to get cocky thinking he's funny without knowing that he's crossing limits. He thinks he can salvate now that ARMY's are roasting him? He at least should've thought before saying anything. Like Jungkook was thoughtful enough to buy burgers knowing that they'll be hungry and this man wipes the poor boy's enthusiasm with a stupid remark. He, too, lost my respect.
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