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Captain and the first mate 鈽狆煇掆殧
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@KurosakiJess haha I didn't even notice you already commented on this and just typed you in to tag you in this hahaha. That's crazy!! My day is going to be interesting haha
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Haha. Great minds think alike! @LuffyNewman
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@KurosakiJess haha, yeah apparently so!! I swear half the cards is either tag you in or I'm gonna comment on I end up seeing you comment on them already or later after I did haha!!
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Same here basically! @LuffyNewman
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@KurosakiJess haha. Well I'm not alone. But somehow I'm graduating with my degree in IT this winter lol and actually am and have learned a lot. More than my last degree in environmental policies. Blahh. So atleast when the ADHD takes a short break I can manage. Haha. If only school was about anime or they taught in manga and anime format, I'd be a pro!!
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