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Can You Guess Who This Is?

Guess who just debuted a sultry red hair?

Here's a hint: She's a singer.

Christina Aguilera!

Did you guess it right?
It's amazing how a change of hair color can make you look almost unrecognizable. Christina has been wearing her signature platinum blonde for the longest time but debuted this new 'do for Hilary Clinton's fundraiser. She looks hot, fierce and gorgeous!
I have to admit, this is probably her best look ever!

Here's a secret.

It's actually a wig and a light dye job, so we don't know when this Jessica Rabbit inspired hair wills disappear. Live for the moment! Let's enjoy some photos of her latest performance.
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@AnimeLove300 It's okay! :D
a year ago·Reply
she reminds me of a young Cyndi Lauper who is also fabulous
a year ago·Reply
@EasternShell That's it! I was wondering who Christina reminded me of with red hair and that makeup. Cyndi Lauper! =)
a year ago·Reply
Wow, looks amazing. She is a beautiful blonde, but she looks stunning with this hair color!
a year ago·Reply
I like that color,I tried it before but it doesn t work on me..
a year ago·Reply