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안녕하세요!! Hello Hello!! KPopBeat here with some exciting news!! Just yesterday UKISS officially made their comeback with the song 'Stalker'... then today we were surprised when it was announced that Eli's wife had given birth to their first baby a little boy.
It came as a shock to fans last year when Eli admitted to having been married over a year and that he would be expecting a new family member this summer, but fans have been rather supportive of the 25 year old American Korean Kpop star.
I can say though that is some serious timing if you ask me.
We here at KPopINT wish to congratulate Eli and his wife on their new bundle of joy!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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OMG, whaaaat? where have I been? eli is married? awwwwwwwwzzzz and he has an eli jr, that's so cute. he'll be a great dad. I'm so happy for him and his wife. awwwwww
2 years ago·Reply
@KpopBeat he's always been a daddy.... My daddy 😈
a year ago·Reply
Yah! @ParkHwaYoung behave yourself child! or imma have to call your eomma
a year ago·Reply
@KpopBeat *gulp* 🏃🏽
a year ago·Reply
@ParkHwaYoung you better be worried lol
a year ago·Reply