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Stephen Curry established himself as the top shooter in the NBA last season, breaking Ray Allen’s record for most three-pointers made in a season. But that doesn’t even begin to tell the story of how good the Golden State Warrior is with the ball in his hands. Many one and two-guards that can fire from deep do that and only that. Stand and shoot. While their stroke may be pure, they’re effectively shut down as long as someone’s playing them aggressively. If the Steve Novaks and Anthony Morrows of the NBA were able to create their own shots rather than simply catch and shoot, they’d be as impossible to guard as, well, Steph Curry. Not only can Curry handle the rock, he excels at it. Great ball handling gives him that tiny bit of separation he needs to get his shot off. Once he does, chalk up three more points for Golden State. BY DAVID BESSIN (CONTRIBUTOR) ON JULY 10, 2013