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So this is how far I've gotten in my self teaching Korean lessons this summer. I have been on and off through the past two years of self teaching and wasn't able to get far. Now I am able to write down a basic conversation. Like really basic. This conversation (the picture above) is of a person coincidentally running into their friend and asking where they are going. The friend is going to the shop... Oops! Guess I should have put down town (시내에) instead of shop (가게에). Anyway the friend is going to buy soju (소주) and bread (빵). The main person is going to buy soju and suggests that they go together. The friend agrees to go to buy their supplies together. And that's the conversation.
This is the book I've been using. I am only in Unit 1, but I find that already the book has been really helpful. They give you grammar information, cultural information, and they have excellent practice problems to help hone one's Korean skills. And yes, they do give Romanization, though I suggest learning to be able to read and write Korean script on it's own. Over all, if you're trying to learn Korean on your own I suggest this book.
@ShequilleArmsby My parents actually ordered it online for me for my birthday. It comes with CDs to listen to as well. Sorry if this wasn't useful.
Soju and bread sounds like a wild night! hahahaha your handwriting is cute!
where do you get this book from?
@kpopandkimchi Yes, soju and bread. The best combination. :) And I'm glad you like my handwriting. I hope it's not too messy.