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Looks like this machine is going to make folding laundry by hand a thing in the past.

I actually like folding clothes and organizing my closet. The robotic laundry folding machine is supposed to help "save marriages" around the world. According to the founder, this was created to simplify day to day household chores.
The current price range of the machine is about the same as any washer and dryer (roughly around $700-$850).
You can see it in action below.

So what do you think about this new invention? Will it really "save marriages"?

I hate to fold my clothes, honestly. I wish I could open a chest and get a new set of clothes every time it opens. That same chest would also recycle the used sets (Patent Pending). haha but I think this machine would irritate me more than ease the pain of manually putting the clothes away
No way! I'm with you, I love folding my clothes :) I think they should use these in college dorms though because I did NOT love having to fold a stranger's clothes because there were no empty dryers left when I was doing laundry!!!
@IsaacMejico Interesting concept!
@sophiamor Yes! I think this would be a good investment for campuses as for families I think it folding it manually might be faster.