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Whenever something that I pack as 'leftovers' makes it past the next 12 - 16 hours, it is a rare and beauteous day. I can't help it. Thai food take-out 8 hours later is cold pizza-level yummy.

Are you good at holding onto leftovers?

Is that your go-to budgeting move of choice or have you found another way to control your monthly food spending?

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@danidee @deilig Ahh...I've never actually seen it in person but I've heard about them in stories and such.
leftovers? u mean lunch wile at wprk that i fixed tge day before rite? epic
@Nueoc Leftovers are like.. stuff from dinner the night before repurposed as lunch for today.
yes thats wat i said.
I always make extra dinner specifically for the leftover-workday-lunch/dinner purpose. I try to make sure R never has to worry about how he'll find food while at work. Not because he can't do it himself, but because making sure he eats is how I nurture... If he's working the surgical rotations (which he almost always is) I know he won't even have time to zip down to the cafeteria during an entire 16hr shift. Leftovers in our house are treasured life-savers! ♡