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Huge A-list actor Lee Byung-Hun is well-known for his acting, but also for his horrible personal life.

Several insiders reported the G.I. Joe's villain is nicknamed "sugar daddy" by his peers as he allegedly helped the careers of various top actresses such as Song Hye-Kyo or Yoon Eun-Hye in exchange for sex. He's rumored to have weird fetishes and to be a big sex addict.
In 2009, an ex-gymnast Kwon Mi-yeon filed a lawsuit again him for $100,000. She claimed he got her pregnant of a child she later aborted and promised to marry her if she dropped her career. She made end to her gymnast career for nothing as Lee Byung-Hun avoided her once she left Canada for South Korea.
Lee, who was filming the blockbuster drama Iris during that time, schemed with the CEO of Iris' production team, Jung Tae-Won, to escape from the scandal and keep his image clean (as well as saving the drama's ratings).
They used former baseball player Kang Byung Kyu as a scapegoat and claimed he convinced Kwon to file a lawsuit against him in order to get money from him. The public believed Lee's claims as Kang just went through a fraud scandal and was dating Kwon's friend. Kwon then lost the lawsuit and disappeared into thin air.
Everything could've went well for Lee Byung-Hun except Kang refused to keep his mouth shut and denied being the mastermind being the lawsuit. Pissed off by his stubborness, Lee Byung-Hun used his power and money to exile him from the industry.
And it worked as Kang Byung Kyu isn't invited anywhere now.
On September 2014, Lee Byung-Hun's past resurfaced when he filed lawsuit against two young women who tried to threaten. Indeed, the unidentified model and the Kpop idol Glam's Dahee blackmailed him with compromising pictures and videos of them together. They allegedly asked him for a billion won (~ $1,000,000). Refusing to pay them off, he sued them and they now risk a 5-Year sentence.

The news is shocking as Lee Byung-Hun got married to 12-years his junior actress Lee Min-Jung in 2012 and thus had had an affair.

Did anyone else know about this? What do you think?

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wow, I guess I was the only one who is not being surprised about the scandals and kinda called it about dahee and the blackmail
@LinnyOk its not like they could leave to another company, its the WHOLE INDUSTRY. If he says he doesn't like you and doesn't want you to succeed, he has the power to erase your from the acting world, Korea is seriously corrupt.
@LinnyOk For a less serious example, take TVXQ. When JYJ formed SM had the power to make sure they didnt get on a single TV show, any advertising for years, and no public performances. They couldn't do anything in Korea at ALL because SM owns pretty much everything.
@LinnyOk giving an actress the choice between sucking a strange man's dick and having everything they worked for ruined, to the point where they would have to go back to school and completely change their career, that's definitely sexual abuse.
@kpopandkimchi Wow it's out of hand! That level of power should really not exist, I live in a male dominated world by that I mean a chauvinistic society and it's sickening when women are oppressed because of the fact that they are in quote weaker gender not to add when money and power is added to the mix,he should definitely be made to pay for his crimes and should be used as an example for the likes of him.