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On Monday, a Chinese entertainment news outlet reported that an image of Song Joong Ki's passport was leaked online for everyone to see. The pictures that began circulating online included his passport photo and other important personal information, like his Korean social security number.

While no one is sure who posted the pictures, it has been speculated that a customs officer might have taken the photo when Song Joong Ki passed through immigration. - Dramafever

I know I'm preaching to the choir here and no Vingler would think of doing this, but why do we consistently have this problem?

Why do we feel we need to be SO CLOSE to idols and know everything about them? They are just people trying to entertain us...we don't need to be in their personal lives.
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cause some people are fucking crazy
@Kamiamon to go to China you have to get a visa so the ssn might have been on the visa sheet, just a guess but i know that for visiting china you have to provide more info than a simple passport if you're staying not just passing through :/
You don't need to post a picture of their personal information to show proof that you were THAT close with them or near them. 😑😑😑😑😑
i agree
It's a passport!!! Those things are personal as hell and private!!!!! Why the hell did someone leak his god damn passport!?!? That's not going to make him happy or like you!! And this could be seriously problematic for him!!!!! 😒😒