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Hey Simon, go give my maknae ( @dayashley11 ) some birthday love.... . . . . . .
SsamD: Oh shiz... Its my Shawty's birthday
ssamd: How old?... 21?
ssamd: Looks like we need to go out to drink thang...what you say?
I'll even bring the crew if you want...or not
oh for real you just want me... not playing with me are you?
than its on tonight you me and a bottle of Cheyenne
hope you're ready cause its going down
now get you're things... you're staying at my place tonight
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lol whenever you like
@xroyalreisx y'all seem to have good timing with the guys lol
only chacha
the others be luck
@xroyalreisx oh ok. Yeah me and Cha Cha don't go hand in hand lol Simon is the tough one. If only gray didn't private his lol but Imma try Simon till I pass out haha