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As part of our throwbacks, this one is for 2NE1's 'Fire'! But first, some background.
2NE1 is a strong group both vocally, physically, and linguistically. All members can speak two languages, with most speaking up to 4! Those would be Korean, English, French, Tagalong and Japanese! Park Bom does have a condition called Lymph Nodes, and this causes parts of her body to swell up. Dara has a famous sibling, who is Thunder from MBLAQ. All members were born in South Korea, but three have lived in multiple other countries. Minzy is the only one who hasn't lived outside Korea.
Here's the space version. It's really cool, and hello flashbacks! There's so many things happening in this mv, you have to watch for all the things we see as inappropriate. I think this renewed my love for 2NE1. The costumes were interesting, but also really cool. They've figured out how to push the boundaries without breaking them. Thinking aboput 'Don't Cry' and 'Happy', I'm getting that proud fangirl feeling, seeing how much they've grown.
The street version was released about a year after the space version, and it's awesome from a fans p.o.v. to see the changes in their appearance and performance. A lot of things are the same as their first version, but they altered the approach slightly for a more street vibe. And personally, I'm lovin' the street more.

What are your thoughts? Share with us down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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