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The Stages Of Grief, According To Taylor Swift

Okay, okay. So I know that Taylor Swift's dating life is usually one of those things we're constantly trying to defend (because sticking your nose in another woman's dating life is probably not okay), but can we just talk about how hilarious her track record is?

The girl literally turns her heartaches into cold hard cash.

What do you think about artists with very obvious 'This is about my recent very public relationship.' songwriting strategies? Is it the best kind of inspiration, or is it tacky to kiss-and-tell even in the context of lyrics?
@SimplyAwkward RIGHT? I feel the same way about Gwen Stefani's song that was obviously about the guy she's divorcing too. I was like ughhh, keep your private life private.
I love that dress in the last panel
@EstefanOlivares I KNOW. I love this comic artist so much. He's always really good at illustrating little details like that.
@danidee it's kinda unfair to the person, would you want to be humiliated via song?
@SimplyAwkward Do you think she has a right to write songs like that or is it unfair to whoever she dated?
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Taylor Swift's Director is Such a Petty Person OMFG
Alright, I don't even know where to start with this. So a music video director, Joseph Kahn, who is Korean American, has been accused of copyright many times before. He most recently worked on Taylor's newest video. Most famously and obviously, he is known for copying 2NE1's Come Back Home video: Now like, at this point, whatever right? 2NE1 are queens and a little copy pasting didn't harm them and its been 3 years so let's move on. Until petty Joe Shmoe had to drop this tweet after he, once again, was accused of copying (this time from Beyonce): THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS TWEET WTF. 1. Obscure kpop video LOL thats just disrespectful on so many levels. Disrespectful to 2NE1, disrespectful to the Kpop fandom as a whole, disrespectful to the director and other people who worked hard to create the music video. It's also like...wrong??? How can a 60million+ viewed video be obscure. He's clearly just a very insecure man. 2. North Korean basement woooooow what a shithead. Sorry for my language but joking about North Korea is such a low horrible move and I'm just like???????? Plus, Koreans still struggle with people assuming South Korea is just as starving and backwards as North Korea and have to work hard to remind people that no, we aren't brainwashed, no we don't eat dog, etc (im not saying north koreans are all brainwashed or eat dog, im just saying those are the horrible stereotypes I hear from ignorant people when I talk about liking Korean things...) For him, as a Korean American, to say spew this crap is just infuriating. Why keep bringing this up? Because you're pissed you got caught? Because you're petty? Because you're so insecure? Idek man but the north korean comment was just too far. money (i wont even say fame cause tbh he's not famous he just works for famous people lmao) makes you so ugly.