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Okay, okay. So I know that Taylor Swift's dating life is usually one of those things we're constantly trying to defend (because sticking your nose in another woman's dating life is probably not okay), but can we just talk about how hilarious her track record is?

The girl literally turns her heartaches into cold hard cash.

What do you think about artists with very obvious 'This is about my recent very public relationship.' songwriting strategies? Is it the best kind of inspiration, or is it tacky to kiss-and-tell even in the context of lyrics?
@SimplyAwkward RIGHT? I feel the same way about Gwen Stefani's song that was obviously about the guy she's divorcing too. I was like ughhh, keep your private life private.
I love that dress in the last panel
@EstefanOlivares I KNOW. I love this comic artist so much. He's always really good at illustrating little details like that.
@danidee it's kinda unfair to the person, would you want to be humiliated via song?
@SimplyAwkward Do you think she has a right to write songs like that or is it unfair to whoever she dated?
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