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Like I said in <this> card, Wolf was the very first EXO MV I saw. I could not take my eyes off of Kai. Lol hated the hair but he was an amazing dancer. But the next MV I saw redeemed his hair. Which was Mama. I was like "they are awesome, must find more." So I went into investigator mode. Looking for more MVs and well you know how that snowballs.
And then I found out about EXO Next Door. A day or two after I found out they existed. And even the thought of Kai being my bias was GONE!
@deilig Awww I love Minseokie too! He is so funny. Yeah I love penguinsoo. I have a separate folder on my phone for Penguinsoo pics and memes . LOL
@deilig he is my UB. He is so talented. I figured that out super quick the first thing I saw him in after EXO Next Door was I Remember You. I was blown away ! I admire him so much. I still haven't made my card about his V App broadcast because I haven't come down from fangirl bliss enough yet to make a coherent card. It would currently be hearts and penguin emojis and random capital letters. LOL plus I screenshot SO many pictures I don't know which ones to use.
i understand the struggle!!! In Exo it was hard to find a bias but finally I said yes to D.O. His acting is what made me love him! him being good looking was just a plus!
do I have to do this lol
@Tigerlily84 it was a tough call between him and Xiumin. but then D.O in his 🐧 suit was too much!!😍 his acting as a killer is great.
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