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Genre: Fantasy, romance
Summary: You had to get it no matter the cost.
Part: 2/?
A/N how are we liking it so far? I know this story I very slow moving. Please stay with me, it is my first I have ever written. I promise it gets better.
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I needed to talk to Mrs. Lee. I threw the covers off me and ran to the door. I looked at the clock on the bed side table noticing that it read three thirty-three in the morning. I can’t just wake her up for some lame reason that I don’t even understand. This is going to have to wait until morning.
I awoke to the smell of bacon. I got up like a zombie and worked my way to the kitchen. In the kitchen were plates upon plates of food. Not just bacon, not just eggs, not just pancakes, but there were grapes, apples, and biscuits. There was even a mango tree in the middle of the kitchen. Alright, I thought, this has got to be a dream. But as I walked around the kitchen, picking up little bits of food to nibble on, I kept thinking that this has to be real, one bite of this food should prove it is. I was about to take a bite when Mrs. Lee walked through the door, looked at all the food then at me and just stared when she said, “Whatever you do, do not put that piece of food in your mouth.” I looked at her like she was crazy.
“Why wouldn’t I put this piece of food in my mouth when you made it?” I asked. But she never answered. “You did make this food right?” I waited for her to answer but she never did. I decided it would be best to look at what she was telling me not to eat. So I did. And I screamed. There was a cockroach on the piece of bread I was holding. Without thinking I dropped the bread on the floor and went mad trying to stomp at and kill it. When I finally looked up I saw that the whole kitchen was covered with little itty bitty cockroaches. I turned to Mrs. Lee and said. “Now what do we do?”
She had a surprised look on her face as to why I was asking such a stupid question, but replied to me, “We run.” The way she said it was an octave higher than to when she normally spoke.
Not taking any chances that the cockroaches were about to jump on me, I ran to the kitchen door with Mrs. Lee right behind me. Down the hall I ran to the spare room to get my belongings. With my stuff in tow I stepped out in the hallway and found Mrs. Lee with a bag of her own things. I didn’t ever care to ask her what she was bringing. All I knew is that we needed to get out of this house now. We both started to walk down the hall when we heard a clicking noise. One that sounded familiar, but was unsure as to what it was. I stopped to listen to find out what the noise was.
The clicking noise was the cockroaches coming after us. Stunned I didn’t know what to do I just stood there. Within seconds those little creepy crawlies were almost two feet in front of me. I had to get out of this house. But how? I couldn’t go thought the front door like I was going to. The only other exit was through a window. The only windows were at the end of the hall behind the cockroaches. The next sets of windows are in the bedrooms.
I turned to my left and went straight for the spare room. I shut the door hopping it blocks them just for a little bit. Running to the window, I pushed it up. But it wouldn’t budge. I so didn’t have time for this. Looking around the room I found a small chair. This should make a big enough hole for me to crawl out from. I was about to throw the chair out the window when the door exploded. The bang threw me to the wall. All the cockroaches were swarming in and I couldn’t get up. I was looking around trying to find out what the explosion was from when I felt the house begin to shake, then there was the bang again and more stuff fell on top of me.
The whole entire room was smoky and I could only see little black silhouettes coming straight towards me. The smoke was too much for me, I started coughing. “Help please!” I screamed.
“Help!!” I screamed again. I tried to push myself up again but whatever was on me was too heavy. And I felt little legs on me crawling all over and biting me.
“Ouch!” I screamed in pain. All those cockroaches were biting me all over and I felt so helpless.
“Help!!” I tried screaming again but my voice wasn’t loud enough. I tried as hard as I could to keep my eyes open but the smoke was too thick and began burning my eyes. As my eyes started to close I saw another silhouette of something tall. But I was unsure as to what it was. And I didn’t have time to figure out what it was because I fell asleep.
“Run! You have to run! I’ll fight him off.”
I started to run. There was a clash of swords, don’t look back, don’t look back. I thought, but I risked my chances with looking back. There they were the two guys fighting so close to the edge of the cliff. I didn’t know who they were, but I could tell that one was older than the other.
It felt so weird to dream of something so unreal at a time when the house was burning down and I’m pined under wood.
The older guy was closer to the edge and had no sword, but he was smiling. Why was he smiling? Within the moment of his foul smile the ground rumbled and they both fell off the cliff.
“NO!!” I screamed. What is going on? Why am I screaming like this? I ran over to the edge and looked over, there he was. The younger guy was holding himself up. With a closer look I saw that the older guy was hanging on to his feet.
“Hold on I’ll get some help.” I said.
“No, don’t it would be too late even if you did.” He said. What am I to do? I know that I can’t help him myself. But I could sure try.
“Here give me your hand and I’ll pull you up.” I sounded so sure of myself.
“It’s okay Y/N; you know I have to do this to get rid of him and to save you.” He said.
“But, you can’t just go. I don’t know how to get back or to-”
“You’ll be fine. I know that you can do it.” With that last sentence he let go of the edge and fell.
Startled I woke up, only to smack my head on something hard. I cried out in pain. When I opened my eyes I saw a boy standing next to me. He was looking down at me as if I were dead. He looked like he were eight years old, but I wasn’t sure. I reached out to see if he was real, and when I went to poke his face he chomped down on my finger not letting go. When I screamed he let go and started to cry. I made an effort as to sit up without hitting my head again, so I could calm the little boy. When I was fully up he was gone. I looked for the door and saw that it was wide open.
I got up and would have collapsed to the floor if it weren’t for a wooden ladder I grabbed onto. I scanned the room and noticed that I was in a little boy’s room, and he had a bunk-bed. I must have smacked my head on the bottom bunk of the bunk-bed. Just thinking about smacking my head made it hurt again. Grabbing my head I started for the door.
There was a long corridor or a type of hallway. On the walls were pictures of two boys; some of when they were cute pudgy babies. The most recent looking one was of the little boy I saw standing in the room. He was playing on a playground. His smile was all wide. He looked so cute. I had a faint smile on my face. I continued down the hall.
Towards the end of the hall it started to get really bright. I had to put my hands in front of my eyes so I could see better, but it was just too bright. I turned around and bumped into something.
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” A voice said. I looked up to see a boy about my age. He looked kind of familiar. “Here, let me help you up.” he said as he put out his hand. I grabbed it and pulled myself up.
“Do I know you from somewhere?” I said. It was puzzling to know a face from somewhere and not know from where. He looked at me like I was crazy.
“I guess you don’t remember me.” He said, “I'm Mrs. Lee's grandson.” I know that’s not where I know him from, but I just looked at him and nodded.
“So, like where am I?” I said. My eyes where still adjusting to the light. I guess I looked funny squinting my eyes because he was laughing at me.
“My name is Hongbin, and this is my grams vacation home.” He said as he smiled.
“Vacation home? I didn't know she had one. Why am I here?”
“Well grams house kind of caught on fire and she told me you were still in there.”
“Wait where is Mrs. Lee?”
“Grams? She is on the couch watching television.” He pointed down the hall. “Why? Is there something wrong?” I wasn’t sure if anything was wrong, or whether I was just freaking out for no reason.
“No nothing is wrong, but I’m just curious. How did I get here?” he looked at me with concern in his eyes.
“Well I kind of got you out of the house.”
“Kind of. You kind of got me out? Either you did or didn’t.” I was getting frustrated now.
“I mean I did get you out. But I wasn’t supposed to.”
“So you got me out. But you weren’t supposed to?” now I was mad. “Is there someone trying to kill me?”
“Well there was this guy who told me, ‘If you stay here I’ll give you whatever you want.’” I looked at him like he was crazy. Who would ever say such a thing? But before I could ask he continued.
“I looked at the guy like he was crazy. Which I’m sure he was. I told him, ‘You must be sick if you’re aware that someone is in that house and you don’t want to save them.’ And I went in there before any one could stop me.”
“But, when you came out weren’t there police and ambulances waiting outside?”
“Ya there were but I didn’t go out the front door. I couldn’t get out that way.” He said. Did he not see the roaches? Maybe they had burned in the fire. “I went trough the back door.”
“So that’s why I’m not in a hospital.” And he just nodded.
“So you hungry?” he said. I didn’t think about it but I was starved.
“Actually I’m starved.” I said.
“I would be too if I were you.”
Puzzled I asked, “Why you say that?”
“Well because you have been asleep for two days.” I didn’t know what to say. Instead I just started at him. Not moving, not doing anything. Until he said, “Are you alright?”
“Of course I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” The question being rhetorical, he still answered.
“Well because you were asleep for two days.”
Not even caring I waved my hand and said, “Whatever.”
I walked down the hallway just leaving Hongbin standing there. When I exited into hall I saw the whole house for the first time. It wasn’t like the hall was big enough, but living room was the size of a house. Okay so I was just exaggerating but that’s what it looked like.
In the middle of the living room was a big glass table with more pictures on it. The couch surrounded the table and it was a nice looking couch. What really caught my attention was the television. It was at least a 72 inch flat screen television. Was Mrs. Lee a secret agent? She never told me had a vacation home. Where is this place anyway?
I tried to take my attention away from the TV and look for Mrs. Lee. Sure enough there she was, sitting right in front of the TV watching some kdrama. I went to her and sat down by her. She didn’t say anything until the drama was over.
“Why good afternoon deary.” She said smiling.
“Ya good afternoon.” I said. But she didn’t say anything else. “So how are you?” I tried to make conversation. It didn’t work out that much, she just started another drama and put her finger to her lips to shush me. Guess this was her tv time.
I got up and walked to the kitchen to sit down. Man I was super starving. My brain felt all funny because I hadn’t eaten anything for a long while. While I was pondering what I should eat, Hongbin walked into the kitchen with the little boy. I guess he saw me staring and ran out of the kitchen. I wasn’t ready to talk Hongbin at all. So he wasn’t a total jerk but he was close to one. He had that smile of someone who is a jerk. He had the hair like a jerk wears their hair. His clothes even looked jerk-ish. He was just a total jerk. His eyes and those lips weren't bad to stare at.
Hongbin saw that I was staring at him because the next thing I know here was his face in front of me just staring back at me.
“Gah!” I jumped back. His face was too close to mine, “You’re such a Jerk!”
“What you mean I’m a jerk? You’re the stalker over here, which keeps looking at me all weird.” He had a point there.
I was still looking at him. Oh who am I kidding? I knew better than to call him a jerk. He was just a guy who well you know was really good looking.
“I’m sorry I was looking at you. I was trying to figure out where I have seen you from. Besides being Mrs. Lee's grandson.”
“Have you been dreaming about me?” He smiled and I froze. How would he know that!? “I was just wondering what you wanted for lunch?”
“Umm…” Now that I think of it, I wanted anything. And the first thing that came to my mind was, “Pizza.” I just wanted that juicy, greasy, and cheesy taste that everyone loves.
“Sure thing. Now did you see where Hyuk went off to?” he said looking around the kitchen.
“Who’s Hyuk?”
“The little boy that you have met so many times today. He’s my little brother.”
“Your brother?” It was all I could say. I know I should say something else. But what was there to say. This little boy, Hyuk, was Hongbin's brother. They looked nothing alike. One had black hair and the other had a light brown. There was no way these two were related. But what do I know. The little boy could be adopted.
“Yeah, he’s my little brother.” He saw me wondering. “I know you’re thinking that we looking nothing alike, huh? Well it’s true. We’re not blood related brothers. And no he wasn’t adopted.”
“Wait so you’re not blood brothers. And he wasn’t adopted?” I was so lost. I don’t know how they could possibly be brothers.
“I know it’s confusing. But one night in December I heard a noise outside. So I ran outside and saw that there was a baby at our doorstep. I didn’t know what to do so I brought him inside and showed my mom and dad.”
“So someone left their child at your doorstep?” That’s horrible. But maybe that person was poor. I mean just look at the house this boy lives in now. I thought.
“We went and did like a background check on the kid, which was hard by the way. We found out that his name was Hyuk and that both parents died.”
“So who put Hyuk at your door?”
“I don’t know.”
“So does he know?”
“Does who know? Hyuk? No he doesn’t know.”
“Oh.” Wow what a story. That must not be fair. To have your parents die on you and not even know that you were living with some strangers, well not any more that is. “So do you want me to go find him for lunch?”
“Oh my gosh, I totally forgot that I was making pizza. Yeah you could go get him.”
I left the kitchen and went to Hyuk’s room. And there he was playing with some dinosaurs. I knocked on the door, but he didn’t hear me. I walked into his room and sat down by him. He gave me a dinosaur to play with. I didn’t play with him, just moved the dinosaur in my hands. I noticed that it was a T-rex. Figures since he bit me, I should bite him back. He was such a cute kid. But I couldn’t help thinking about everything that Hongbin told me. He was one lucky kid.
“Hey Hyuk, you want lunch?” He kept playing with his dinosaur. I guess he didn’t know me. So I decided to introduce my self properly, “Hyuk, I’m Y/N.” I held out my hand. Hyuk just looked at me and then went back to his dinos.
“I know who you are.” He said. My mouth dropped. He talked to me, but all the other times he was doing other things than talking.
“You do?” I know it was stupid to be shocked that this kid could talk.
“Yup. Mrs. Lee told both of us who you were.”
“So you knew who I am. Then why did you bit me and run off like a five year old?”
“I have my days where I want to be five. But really I’m nine.”
“Okay, well then that answers some questions.” Wow a nine year old who likes being five. Very interesting, I thought.
“Do you have any other questions to ask me?”
“Yes I do, do you want pizza? Because that’s what your brother is making. And it’s almost done now.”
“Of course I want pizza! That’s my favourite food ever.” He stood up and left the room, leaving me sitting. I was getting up when I saw a little head pop around the door, “You coming?” Hyuk asked me with the cutest smile ever.
“Yeah.” He was just so cute. It made me want to have little siblings.
It has almost been three days since I’ve been at Mrs. Lee’s vacation house. I have the same clothes on since I left Mrs. Lee’s other house. I have also been recovering from the house attack. And I have been figuring out a way to help my mother.
Yesterday I went on the computer to try and find out anything I could, but it didn’t help. I even told Hongbin what’s happened so far this week. He was so understanding. He told me that the day the house burned down him and Hyuk were on their way to this vacation home. Of course stopping by Mrs. Lee's home to pick her up. He parents in Korea send them both here during the summer so they can learn the American dream. I thought his life was worst than mine.
Around midnight it was time for me to go to bed. That night I had a weird dream. After two days of not having any kind of dream I get a really bizarre one.
I’m in a sailboat, out at sea. The sea was splashing like crazy and making the boat bounce up and down. Waves keep hitting it really hard, almost tipping it. I didn’t see me on the boat but I saw people. They were all trying to tie down the ropes. Some are looking over the edge. I think they are looking for something or someone. That’s when one person points out at the sea because they see the thing they were looking for. Then like a movie the image zooms and keeps zooming in on the thing they found. Just as the image is focusing in on the object I wake up.
It way early in the morning when I woke up form my dream. I lay in bed, thinking. Thinking about everything that has come to pass. I needed to find a way to get my mother better. Since the doctors won’t help, that makes me the person to look. With all this running through my brain I had to get up. I got up and went to the kitchen; maybe food will help me think for a solution. I was in the fridge looking for something to eat. When I turned around I saw a shirtless Hongbin.
“What are you doing up?” he said rubbing his eyes and chest.
“Umm... finding food.” I said closing the fridge and walking away from the very good looking shirtless Hongbin.
"Your finding food to eat at five in the morning?” he said. I just shrugged my shoulders because I had nothing else to say. “You are one weird person.” Hongbin went to the fridge and opened it. “So what do you want? Eggs?”
“Ya sure.” I said taking a seat at the counter. “So why are you up?”
“I always get up at this time. Don’t you?” he said smiling.
“Uh no. I don’t always get up at this time. Maybe you are the weird person this time.” He smiled like not even noticing that a girl sitting in front of him is flustered by his amazing physique.
“Oh okay I see where your going with this.” He got the eggs out and sat them on the counter.
“Huh?” I asked.
He looked at me in the eyes and said, “You think I got up because you got up, so I could talk to you, so you wouldn’t be bored out here all by yourself.” He just smiled. “Am I right?”
I looked at him. His face was so serious. I tired so hard not to laugh, but I couldn’t hold it in. I laughed so hard that I just about peed myself. When I stopped laughing I looked back at Hongbin who hadn’t moved. “Oh, you were serious?”
I waited for him to say something; instead he turned around and went to cracking eggs over the skillet. He made me scrambled eggs, and handed me my plate. When I took it he said, “No, I was kidding.”
He was kidding! He put me trough all that just to say that he was kidding? I only had one word for that thought, JERK.
I ate my eggs in silence. Not talking or looking at Hongbin while he ate his eggs still no shirt on. With breakfast done I cleaned my plate and started walking out looking back at Hongbin chugging a glass of milk.
"Next time you come out early, make sure you have a shirt on." I said and went back to the room and got changed. While changing I started thinking of ways to get help. I could always ask a doctor to help my mother, instead of me. A knock on my door interrupted my thinking.
“Just a minute.” I said putting a shirt over my head. I walked to the door and opened it. There standing in my doorway was Mang.