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YG Girl Group: Second Member!

YG released info on Jennie last week, and now its time for member number two!

(check out Jennie here)

Meet Lisa!

Not much is known about her, but YG did release a clip from a dance practice showing off her moves :)

Tagging mis amigos who commented on the Jennie card^^
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YG just trying to fill the empty space in our hearts with another great dancer! (I'm confused 馃槷 I don't know how I'm supposed to feel..) She's amazing though, but I need to see more of her dancing. Technique was awesome, btw!!
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Ooohhh man! I'm so excited for this new group.
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why is YG so awesome I'm so excited
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Okay when the video started I was like oh she's good but my mouth dropped when she started doing all that acrobatic stuff like dang she's good. plus I love the style they gave her with bleach blonde hair
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She's my age!?!?! 馃槻馃槻馃槻馃槻
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