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My boyfriend actually said the words " I think we should get a cat" the other day.

I'm a dog person and while I'm sure I could grow to love any animal brought into my home, I will always, always choose dogs. So I was flooooored when he suggested a cat.
If my significant other really wants a cat, or hamster, or snake, and it was financially doable for us and we had the time to care for it then sure, bring it on in!
But I know some people that are like "I will not marry a cat person" etc. My mom for example, has a strong cat allergy so if my dad had been a crazy cat person (which he is not) he essentially would have had to choose: cat or my mom. (Unless he got one of those scary hairless cats lol)

Could you date someone who wasn't a cat/dog person like you?

Pets because HUMANs are ass holes
I actually care more about animals than most people, so I'd be open to any type of pet....except maybe ferrets or fish.
☆le sigh☆ As a dog lover who is married to a cat lover, let's just say it grows your patience, LOL!😃
I love my fur and scale babies and want someone who would be just as in love with them. The only people I love more than my pets are my spawn.
Nope! If you can't love my pets, you will never love me!
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