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The next day you find N alone in the kitchen and decide it’s the perfect time for a chat.
“Hey N, you got a minute?”
He looks up from his chore and smiles;
“Do a household chore or talk to a pretty girl? That’s not hard.” He tosses down his dish rag and sits down next to you at the island. “What can I help you with? The guys behaving themselves?”
You laugh, “As much as can be expected," You shake your head and look at him in earnest. "We called my mom yesterday to tell her about me staying here in Korea and she wasn't surprised.”
You aren’t quite sure how to ask the question and he seems to know.
“Just ask, I’ll tell you what I can,” he prompts.
“She said she knew. She knew that I was meant for a mate and that he was here in South Korea. She said that’s why they sent me here. All she would say is that the fairy tale she used to tell me before bed is actually my story. That leaves me just as much in the dark as when I asked." You shake your head and look at him with pleading eyes, "It seems that you guys know a little bit about it; would you tell me what you know?”
He nods in understanding, goes to touch your hand but thinks better of it.
“Can I hear the fairy tale? That will tell me what you were told as opposed to what we know.”
You nod and get comfortable, but look over with a challenging look, “No laughing, remember it's a child's bedtime story”. He smiles, crosses his heart, and zips his lips.
“Once upon a time when the land was one, humanity lived in peace for hundreds of years. Man could speak only with the man that was his neighbor, but not with any man that inhabited another land. In one such land, there lived a princess. Though constantly surrounded by family and friends she always felt alone and incomplete; she found herself constantly searching for more. More of what, she did not know and no one would tell her. One day her father called for her and told her he was sending her on a quest to a faraway land. During this quest she was to find herself, and would not be permitted to return until she felt complete.”
N looks at you, turns his head away, tilts it and looks back.
“Wow. That's very uninformative and obscure. I can see how you wouldn’t relate any of that to you or your life. You were given no happy ending? No morale to the story? It just ended there?"
You shake your head and shrug, "Nope. Nice huh?"
"Well, we were taught a little more plainly. Would you care to hear our version and teaching on the matter?”
You nod, "Yes, Please. Anything."
Hallelujah, finally some answers hopefully.
"When the land was one, many families lived together peacefully for many hundreds of years. Each patriarch of each family had two sons, who had two sons and so forth down the line. The land was inhabited by generations of each family; these two generation lines were known as tribes.” N stops to make sure you’re following along. “When the patriarch of each family died, the 2 brothers fought for the right to lead the full family instead of just their tribe. Fights and wars broke out, brother against brother. This displeased their God and he cursed them for their greed and pride. To stop them from fighting, he confounded their language and sent them to different parts of the land. Brother still warred against brother and soon the land began to break apart and drift on the sea. Not all of the lines in the tribes were corrupt; a few truly mourned the loss of their brothers. For those that had strived to make peace, a blessing was placed upon the curse. They would always be separated, yet they could one day reunite the tribes if they searched long and hard enough. Pieces of one would be placed into another upon birth; therefore, never allowing any one to be completely whole until the other half, placed in another, was found. Many perished in anguish and confusion at being only a portion and never feeling complete. When generations had almost perished in grief and heartache, another blessing was bestowed. To the parents of newborns, one with the power could foretell of the continent the other half of their child's soul resided on. To the one with half a soul, dreams of their other half would be allowed. Neither of these blessings guaranteed success, but for the few that actually crossed the path of their other half in the physical sense, they would be granted the chance to meet and unite. Their souls would meet on an ethereal plain and given the chance to once again become one. Once their souls are united again, locating each other physically becomes easier as they can feel what the other feels, occasionally, seeing what the other sees."
He looks over at you, “As with you and Leo. You crossed his path and he instantly recognized you. Not just you but himself, as you each contain a part of the other within you. It is what truly allows us to be one together with our mates. A part of you must have recognized him or you would not have been able to dream so quickly after meeting. Unlike my mate, we’ve been dreaming for over a year. I have no idea where we crossed paths or even her age. All mated souls are the same age, yet the physical body ages are different.”
You had no idea. You instantly want to reach out and comfort N but he smiles and pulls away before contact.
“Not yet, he's not ready for even you and I to touch yet.”
He laughs at your confusion and then the roll of your eyes.
“Don't be so hard on him, I understand my brother in this. I feel very conflicted and agonize when I can feel my mates emotions, yet can do nothing about it. He isn’t just protecting you but that part of himself that you carry with you. It is a fierce emotion to have to learn to deal with.”
He smiles at you reassuringly as he gets up from the table.
“He will have it mastered in no time. Just in time to have the two of you deal with all of us when we locate our mates." He looks down for a moment and whispers, "We hope.”
He’s given you a lot to think about and you decide you can do a little research at the library. You send Leo a text telling him where you’ll be and to have him meet you there when his schedule permits
Ooohh i love how it's explained! This is too cute!
this is such a good Story. Samd here I can go to bed happy. please keep tagging me
Love this!!!! Can go to bed glad I was up late!!
OMO! That is very good! It's very impressive that you came up with that yourself!❤️
this could easily become a best seller!
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