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Gigantic Boy Group Teaser Released!

Boys24 is the male version of Produce 101 where 49 boys will compete to be in a super boy group!

They finally released their teaser!


What do you think? Too much or TOO GOOD!?


Here's the official video!

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0.0 Excuse me. . . I don't think I smelled right?? Did you say 49 boys? *Builds a raft to float to the lovely island of NopeFalls. *
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I am not ready for another group.... 馃槶馃槶
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Oh hell no!~ 49 BOYS!~ 馃槶 NOOO! (YESS!~) WHY LORD ?! I can barely deal with the other groups! How can I possibly deal with 49! NOPE ! ~Fuck this shit I'm out~ 馃槍鉁岎煆伙笍
a year agoReply
..I'll never be able to remember all the names and faces (^-^)
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I think that...I can finally die happy now...49 boys...SIGN ME UP馃槏馃槏. It will just be sad to see some of them go馃槶
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