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Genre: Fantasy, romance
Summary: You had to get it no matter the cost.
Part: 3/?
A/N So Hongbin is finally introduced and what a tease that boy is! And a 9yr Hyuk!!! How cute right! This chapter I'll share with you, it's going to pick up from here. You still with me?
Wanna start from the beginning? part 1
Missed the last chapter? part 2
Mang stands in my doorway, how can no one else see him? I can see Hongbin walking around in the kitchen, and he can see me. But how could he not see this thing standing right in front of me?
“What are you doing here?” I whispered to Mang.
“I’m here to come and get you.” Mangs’ voice boomed.
“And take me where?” I started fidgeting. What if Hongbin saw that I was talking to a big giant, thing? “Why don’t you come in here, please?” I said motioning with my hands to the inside of the room.
“There is no time to go in there. We have to leave now.” I didn’t want to leave.
“What about everyone else?” I asked
“Don’t worry about them. You will see them when it’s time.” Mang said while turning around. “I will meet you out front.” He said then left.
This is great. I just get here and now I have to leave. I went to the bed where I had all my three pairs of clothes, that we bought at a gift store down the road from the vacation home, and put them in a bag. I put my bag around one shoulder and closed the door. What am I going to say to Jake and everyone? That I’m leaving? I didn’t know what I was going to say. I could just write something down. That’s it, I’ll just write it. I found a piece of paper and a pen. I jotted some reasons as to why I was going and a big “I’m sorry”, for Hongbin. I put the paper on the counter and left.
Outside I didn’t see Mang. I saw a path that went into the woods, and started following it. I was half way in the woods, when I heard the bush rustle. I looked left and right, noting was there. When I looked behind me and back, there was Mang.
“AHHHH!!!” I screamed.
“SHHH!!! Quite down.” Mang said putting a giant paw over my mouth.
“How can I be quite when you come out of no where?” I said removing his paw from my mouth and spitting. Bleck his paw tasted like dirt, really bad dirt. “So, umm… why are we in the woods?”
“We’re back here because I’m sure you don’t want people seeing you all of a sudden float off. Do you?” he said as he spread his wings.
“Float off?” Not even replying back to me, he grabbed me by his mouth and put me on his back.
“Hold on!” Mang shouted as he started flapping.
“To what?!” Not answering me he flapped off. Leaving me with nothing to grab onto. “Whoa!!” I grabbed onto his fur.
We soared up into the sky. Leaving all the trees to become little ants. The people seemed to just disappear. It was so quiet up in the sky. There was no cars whizzing past, no kids shouting, not even the sound of people walking could be heard. Just the wind and it was the most relaxing thing.
I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up I saw mountains below me. “Where are we?” I said yawing.
“This is the Cuscan Alps.” Mang said while flying over them.
“You mean like Italy?”
“No. Not like this Italy you say. This is an island.” He said. “See there,” Mang said pointing down. “That is the beach.”
Through the clouds I could see sand. Sand that was so white, it looked like snow. The water that lapped the sand was a crystal blue, just like glass it was so clear. I could see the coral reefs through it.
“Mang, where is this island exactly?” I said with much curiosity.
“This island is located off a bigger island, which is north of here.”
“So what is the name of the bigger island?”
“The bigger island is called, Ceanora. And this island, my favourite island is called, Coalahula.”
“Wow! Such pretty names.” I said.
“Yes they are.” He said, as he started our decent to Coalahula beach. “Hold on!” He shouted, “This might be a little bumpy!”
Bumpy? Why did he say bumpy? Doesn’t he know how to fly?
He started going faster and faster. Down, down, down, we went. The closer we got to the beach the more scared I got. What if we crash? All these questions ran through my head, I didn’t hear Mang call my name.
“Y/N” He called a second time.
I was so frightened, all I could say was “U-huh?!”
“Listen closely; I’ll only say this once. When I fly over the water you need to jump right away. I’ll tell when to go. But you need to jump if you want to survive the landing.” He turned his head to make sure I was listening. “You got that?”
“Yeah. Yeah I got it.” I think. I mumbled.
“Once in the water, swim to the surface and go straight to the beach. Just swim, don’t look around or anything. Got it?”
We were getting closer and closer to the water. “Got it!” I screamed.
I held on to him tighter than I had been for the entire ride here.
The water was just below me now. “Ready?!?!”
I just nodded. What if I can’t swim? What if the water has sharks in it? What if I drown? I didn’t want to jump now that I had those thoughts going through my head.
We were over the water now and Mang was tilting his body so it was easier for me to jump in. I let go of his fur and started sliding off of him. I must have lost my balance, because when I looked up I saw a falling Mang.
Into the water I dropped. I heard the sound of a splash next to me. I started falling slowly in the water. It was as if I were dreaming. It was one of those dreams where you fall out of the sky and you keep falling into complete darkness, never stopping. It seemed like a dream because I was breathing in and out under the water, until it was too late. I coughed and all the air I was holding in came out in a gulp of bubbles.
I tried to push my way to the surface. With every push I made to move up, I went down. I had no air in my lungs and I could feel the panic rise from inside me. I’m going to drown, I’m going to drown, my head kept screaming.
What if I did drown? Does that mean I could never help my mother? All that I have done would have been a waste of time. If I knew ahead I wouldn’t have gone on this mission to help my mom. It sounded so selfish, but it was true. I closed me eyes and let myself sink. There was no way on earth that I would be able to bring myself to swim to the surface. Down, down I went. Repeating the steps I made before when I was just a couple feet from the top. Behind my eyes a saw darkness. Not wanting to open my eyes in fear of what I might see. My mind kept racing that I’m drowning, but my body was as calm as the sky above.
Soon my thoughts slowed, until I was only picturing an image. A face maybe. But whose face? I couldn’t make out what the picture was.I opened my eyes to see what it was. Nothing was there. Somehow I was hoping it was something because my body tensed just the slightest bit. It had to be something. I need to swim to find out what it is. I found strength in just that one thought. I found my self pushing upward with major strength. Up, up, and up, I went. The light I was chasing just kept getting farther and farther away, but I never gave up chasing it.
I was close enough to almost touch it. I reached for it, and felt air blow my hand. My head burst through the waters’ ceiling. I looked around for the light, but saw nothing. Instead I saw a gigantic island before me. The beach didn’t look far. I started swimming to it, keeping my head above the water. If I went under again I knew for sure I would drown.
The water made a slapping sound as it hit the beach. I pulled myself up onto the sand, sure that I would fall. I pushed myself to walk up a little farther so I could see better. I got to a rock and sat down. The view I saw was amazing. I forgot about everything. Not a single cloud was in the sky. The water was as clear as the eye could see. The beach had sand as white as snow. I squished my feet in the sand; it was as soft as a pillow. Oh a pillow, how I missed that so. I was super tired from swimming that I laid down on the sand and fell sleep.
I awoke to a thud. Looking around I saw nothing but dark sky. It must be nighttime. Thud, thud, th-th-th-thud, thud. What is that noise? Yawning, I got up to look around. I knew that if I didn’t find the noise I would never be able to sleep. Still half way asleep, I made my way towards the forest that surrounded the beach. The noise kept going. I rubbed my eyes to wake up just a bit. I started walking through the forest, watching every step I made. It was so hot. I wasn’t even out of eye-sight of the beach, but it was though something was watching me. When I turned around I bumped into something really big and furry. I was about to scream when a big furry paw covered my mouth. I was wide awake now.
“Mang!” I shouted. “Oh my gosh! Where have you been? I totally forgot about you. I was so tired and then I was scared. And there was that noise.”
“Whoa Y/N. Slow down.” He said turning me around to walk to the beach. “Let’s sit down and talk.”
“Okay.” I said. I ran to the rock I was sitting on before I fell asleep. Mang came over and sat done in front of me. He was still really tall when he sat done.
“So what happened to you after you fell off of me?”
I looked up at him and told him the whole story up until now. “So that’s what happened. What happened to you?”
“After you fell off, I crashed into the water, but I got out before the water itself could take me down. When I came out I didn’t see you any where. I flew around the whole island. And when I came back you still were nowhere.” He moved around to get a little bit comfortable. “I came to the beach and was walking through the forest when I saw you. I didn’t know whether it was you or not. So I stayed where I was. But you kept walking. I followed you. Then you turned around, and ta-duh!”
He was really worried. He thought I died. But I thought I died too. “Well we're back together again.” I said yawning. The sun was starting to come up now. “I’m still tired. How about you? I mean you did stay up all night looking for me right?”
“Ya I guess your right.” He said with a smile. I climbed down from my rock and curled into Mang like he was a big teddy bear. We both fell asleep.
I woke up sweating. The sun was high in the sky. I didn’t know what time it was since I didn’t have a way to track the time. It was so hot out. I looked around for Mang. He wasn’t around. So took my top shirt off, and folded my tank-top up. It looked like I had a tube top on now. My jeans were still kind of wet. I didn’t want to rip them just in case I needed them for a cold night. So I folded them up like capris instead. I set my top shirt out to dry. Then went to find Mang.
I walked along the beach with my feet in the water. The sun was so hot, but the water was so cold. The two together felt so good. A little ways down the beach I came to a clearing, where I saw Mang catching fish. Fish was never really good, but if it’s the only thing to eat on this island then I will eat it.
I found a path to Mang and sat down behind him, “Good afternoon.” He said.
“Yeah good afternoon to you too.” I said kicking my feet back and forth like a little kid. “So what kind of fish are you trying to catch?”
He looked behind him and smiled at me, “It’s Cod. They are really sweet to the taste.”
“Oh…just so you know, I don’t really like fish. But I told myself that if it is the only food to eat on this island, then I’ll eat it.”
He burst out laughing. To him what I said was that funny I guess. I started laughing too. “I still don’t get how its funny.” I finally said, ending the laughter.
“What you said wasn’t funny, it was the way you said it. You’re acting like there is no food to eat here.” He said.
“Well there isn’t.”
“You’re forgetting that I’ve been here before.” He said and pulled out two fish in his claw and two more fish in the other claw.
I sat down on a log that was behind me. Mang came over and handed me one fish. I held the slippery fish in both my hands. It was all wet, and the eyes were looking at me for help. “Aren’t you gonna cook it?” I asked.
“There’s no need to cook a good fish.” He said sitting down. “Just try it like that. I’m sure you’ll love it.”
I was so grossed out, and I totally did not want to eat a fish raw. That was absurd. I guess Mang saw the look on my face because he said, “If you’re not going to eat it, give it back then.” He reached his paw out after shoving the three other fish into his mouth. I never liked being rude, but I could not eat a fish raw. I just held the fish, looking at it. All the scales it had on it, the pudgy eyes that kept staring at me. I had to eat it. Otherwise I would starve.
I held the fish close to my face and took a big bite. It was all slimy inside my mouth. I chewed and chewed and chewed, making faces while I bit down on the rubbery skin. I swallowed in a loud gulp, and looked up. Mang had the most horrible smirk ever. Was he going to laugh at me again?
“What is so funny this time?” I asked.
“Why you are. You ate that fish, but the way your face looked while you chewed. Well it was priceless.” He said with a grin. “How was the fish anyway?”
I was so worried about why he was laughing at me, I forgot how the fish tasted to me. “It was sweet, considering that it wasn’t cooked.”
“That’s good. Let my reassure you this, it tastes better raw.”
“So what are we doing today?”
“Yes. We. Like me and you.”
“I’m not doing anything today, but you will be doing something.” He said pointing towards the forest.
I looked in the direction that he was pointing in. It was the same way that I was waking in last night, towards the noise that woke me up. I turned back to Mang and faced him, “I’m not going in there again.” I said flat out.
“Yes you are whether you like it or not.” He said standing up. “There is something in that forest that you need to find. Is there not?”
He was right. I had to go in there to find whatever was making that noise and to get the cure I need for my mother. “I’ll do it, only one thing.”
“What is it?” Mang asked.
“Can you come with me?”
“As much as I would like to. I can not. This is something you must do alone.” He started walking. “Come. You must start your journey through the forest before dark.”
I got up and walked with him. We walked the beach, back to where we slept that night. I picked my shirt up, fully dry now, and put in on. Still following Mang, we came to the edge of the beach and forest.
“This is where I have to leave you.” He said.
I looked up at him, “I’ll see you again won’t I?”
“Maybe you will.”
I didn’t want to go in all by myself. Plus I didn’t want to leave Mang behind. I turned around and gave him a big hug, “I guess this is a kind of good bye, huh?” I asked.
“Not fully. But yes it is.” He said and hugged me back. “I’ll see you soon enough.”
I let go of him and walked into the forest. I looked back to make sure he was still there, he was. All I knew was this was going to be one long day and night.
A while or so had past and I was still walking in circles. The sun was setting and it was getting colder by the minute. I had no clue as to what I was to find. I was getting tired and very hungry. I still had the taste of fish in my mouth. It was starting to get really gross. The trees around me all looked the same. I didn’t know where to go after I saw the same tree twice.
I sat down on a broken log and cried my eyes out. Not that it helped any at the time, but it helped me from being stressed in a way. Me feet started hurting, and the shoes I had on were getting holes in them from the sticks I kept tripping on. I finally saw a clearing and ran out to it. When I got there the grass was all dead, the sun was low in the sky, and there were eyes everywhere. Something was watching me. I turned around in a circle over and over. The eyes kept following me. I was losing it.
After a while I collapsed on the ground. I heard screaming, and for a while I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Then it hit me, I was the one screaming.
I had lost all sense of hope. I lost all feelings in my hands and feet, they were so numb. I was going crazy. The forest was a maze. That was the only clue I could get. I lay on the ground thinking how people could have navigated this one forest. Then it occurred to me that no one had.
The sun was lower in the sky. Just barely able to see, except for the purples and oranges in the sky. I had to stay put in that small grass area. I fell asleep in the dead grass. Not caring that I got grass in my hair. Not caring that I was freezing. Just breathing slow and calming down. Tomorrow morning I would find what I was looking for, I told my self over and over.
I awoke the next morning nauseated. My head was spinning, and there was pressure in my nose. I didn’t feel like opening my eyes, and I needed water or I would throw up. I rolled over and lay on my stomach. I felt the pressure in my stomach move up. I was going to throw up and I couldn’t stop it. I covered my mouth with my hand, tempted to just swallow it down. I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. I sat up, pulled my hair back with my free hand, and opened my mouth.
A few minutes had passed and I got up. My head didn’t have as much pressure as before, and my stomach felt a lot better. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but it was really hot out. I took my top shirt off and put it around my waist. Rolled my jeans up, and started walking to the clearing’s edge. Thus began my journey through the forest once again.
I’m guessing hours had passed because the sun had gotten higher in the sky than before, and my legs got all sluggish. I’ve tripped on about a dozen broken tree limbs. My arms and legs are all scrapped up. My face bruised when I hit the tree. All I knew about where I was going was in a circle. I started marking every tree I passed with a type of scratch. At first I tried with my nails, that didn’t work. The next thing I used was a stick. The moment I pressed it into the tree it snapped in half and I got some tree bark in my eye. I finally found I sharp rock.
Marking X’s on all the trees helped me to go straight. I did pass some trees with an X, but I kept going straight for the most part. After a while of walking I imaged that I was floating. Just walking on air. It felt great. You couldn’t possibly trip on clouds, could you? To me that was a really stupid question, evidently it was possible because I tripped on everything.
I woke from my daydreaming to find myself falling of a little ledge. I was sliding down the leaves trying to find something to grab. Every little branch that passed bye was a saddening thought. I could not possibly stop myself. I saw one branch pass by, and grabbed for it. It stuck, and I felt myself stay put. I looked down and behind me. There was no place for me to put my feet. It’s like the floor just dropped from below. I was stuck.
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