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Genre: Comedy, Romance, Author AU Pairing: Namjoon x Reader Length: 1,418 Summary: Reading fanfiction on the train leads to more than just another story. Part 2/ Future Mature warnings... but nothing for the moment.
Namjoon POV There is that pretty girl again... I sighed quietly to myself. Her hair was in a pony-tail again... that was my favorite way she did her hair; it exposed the length of her neck... which was lovely. Stop staring Namjoon! I turned my body to face the door, so I could look at her out of the corner of my eye, to make it less obvious when I stared. I'm going to talk to her today! We all knew this wasn't going to happen... but it didn't hurt to make the exclamation each morning... I'd been watching her for about 2 weeks now... she rode this train every morning, eyes trained on her cell phone just like most people on the train. I wondered what is on her phone that was so interesting. I maneuvered my way over to her... aha! I was lucky! She had placed the phone down in her lap... screen on... I started looking at her phone. It was nice, as a general rule in Korea... you need a nice phone, and oooh... her flip case had a phone number sticker attached to it, maybe it was hers! I internally high fived myself for getting her number, without asking! I then started looking at the words on the screen. Not surprising it was in English, I continued to study it. I knew English pretty well having spent some time in New Zealand, but reading upside down was probably difficult for anyone, right? So I craned my neck a little bit so I could read better. Oh! My eyes widened at the graphic details on the screen... so THIS is what kept her attention every morning? I read a little more... confused at the term 'Y/N' used several times by the male counterpoint in the story. Eh hem... he would use it in a way that made me slightly blush. Well... a girl who likes this must like a really FORWARD and manly guy right? I took a deep breath... Here goes nothing, I’ll be charming and witty and she’ll like me because I’m forward and MANLY! “You realize that position is impossible unless one of the people is double jointed in every bone of their body right?” SHUT UP!! What the HELL was that MOUTH?!? I mentally slapped my face. Idiot... idiot... she probably thinks you're a total perv and she'll never talk to you and you've ruined everything! Okay... be cool... pretend it’s a joke... look amused! I put on my best smirk. "I'm sorry... what?" Her eyes stared into mine full of confusion for a moment before understanding dawned there. She glanced down to the open screen in her lap, facial features slowly contorting into what could only be described as restrained horror... I decided to go with this... I'd struck up a conversation, albeit a really awkward one, I'll keep it up! “The position that they’re discussing in that story you’re reading... it’s not possible unless you’re either one of those side-show Chinese gymnasts, or you’re double jointed in every joint of your body.” Why would I say that? I don’t even know if that’s actually a fact! I attempted a small smile... flashing a bit of my dimples... hoping it made me look less like a crazy sex fiend... because the horrified look on her face only got more evident every word I spoke. A slight blush had started creeping up her neck and face. Oh man! Now I’ve totally embarrassed her with my talk of sexual positions that I know nothing about... and oh! She’s talking! . “Well... one would assume most Chinese Gymnasts are double jointed because they’re able to do all... that... stuff?” Oh man! She was witty TOO?! She’s so cute! My smile widened with the response. “Yes, one would assume that, I should have realized.” See! I can be... nope that wasn’t a witty come back... uugh... The seat next to her opened up, I sat down before anyone could take the seat. Alright... Let’s take this to the next level... NAMES. “Hi. My name is Namjoon, what’s yours?” I extended my hand out to her; she still looked a little dazed. My hand was out there for about a minute with her staring blankly into my face before I waved in front of her eyes... the empty stare was a little disconcerting. “I’m sorry... I’m just... a little taken aback that you’re talking to me..” SHES SO CUTE!! I laughed out loud, a little too loud if I admitted it to myself. Now I’m embarrassed for laughing out loud... but now she is looking at me straight on... man... her EYES are beautiful... SNAP OUT OF IT!! YOU’RE HAVING A CONVERSATION! I cleared my throat, “I understand. You’re completely overwhelmed with my good looks and impeccable American accent.” I breathed on my nails rubbing them against my shirt, as I had seen people on television do. Finally my brain was making me seem cool... and funny! I went in for the finish. “I have that effect on people.” Thinking back on it now... that seemed like a really douche thing to say... PLEASE DON’T HATE ME!! She was searching my face and then the ‘restrained horror’ returned and I noticed her quickly shut off the screen of her phone. I had to chuckle at that, not like I hadn’t seen the whole thing… It was why I felt I could actually talk to her! “Oh, I read the entire thing that was open on your page, don’t worry about me, keep enjoying.” Wow... when did being charming and witty become so... jerky... I gotta stop saying stuff like that. “I was just... reading... for... a friend?” I had to laugh at that... “Again, I’m not fazed by it,” We’re totally off topic now! Back to her name! “Back to the original subject, what is your name? I’ve already told you mine.” There... that was a much better way of conversing. “My name is Y/N.” She took my hand and succinctly shook it twice before returning her hand to her lap. It didn’t escape my notice that the grip on her phone was becoming tighter… even her knuckles were going white! “You don’t have to be embarrassed, its health to be interested in *internal gulp* sex at our age.” Here goes! “Speaking of age, how old are you?” “... ... ...Are you actually hitting on me right now?” I had to chuckle at that... did this girl not realize her beauty? Seriously? Of COURSE I’m hitting on her! Did I come off too subtle? Am I being rude? Suddenly everything I’ve ever said was now in question... No! I haven’t been too subtle... but maybe I should play it off as a joke... in case she’s not into it? She can stop me at any point! “Ah, so you’ve caught onto my plot... Yes fair lady (ooh… I’m so smooth!) I am actually hitting on you right now. But back to my question, are you a Noona? Or should I have you call me Oppa?” When did the douche me come back? Uugh! please. don’t. hate. me. “Well, I was born in 1995, so that makes me 21, how old are you?” “Yes! You can call me Oppa!” I pumped my fist in the air, immediately regretting the stupid gesture. To cover it up, I’ll ask for her number... so I’m not 100% a creeper! “Next question, can I use your number to call you?” This was it... if she says no... I’m just gonna never ride this train again... I can’t... I’ll be too embarrassed... “Yes, you may use my number to call or text me, though very seriously, I don’t use my phone during the hours of 10am- 7pm.” “Ooh, I like a woman who takes her job seriously. It’s sexy.” Oh! Dangit! That was NOT supposed to be said out loud. Someone suddenly bumped into my shoulder, causing me to get awfully close to her. She turned toward me, at first looking quite shocked at our close proximity, then searched my face very seriously… did I have something on me? “Y-yes, I take it seriously, and this is my stop, so… I must be going!” I watched her practically run for the door. Again, she’s SO cute… then I read the station name… Chuckling to myself I waved at her as the train rode away… See… we get off at the same stop… and she had gotten off 4 stops too early.
Howdy All! For those who were looking forward to the next part of this... I'm SO sorry! I posted the first chapter and was all excited... then realized... oh wow! I have friends visiting Seoul this week that I need to guide around... and then I'll be in Japan without my laptop for a week after that! WHY would I post a chapter with that much stuff going on... Sawry! I don't really have a schedule planned out... but I know it won't be every two weeks... haha. Tagging Thems who wanted to be tagged: @MaritessSison
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Yay an update! I been waiting for this😊 Namjoon is the cutest lol love his POV! The stuff they say in their heads had me rolling😂😂