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One of BBMG's own is celebrating her birthday today and she has a couple of visitor's who want to drop by and celebrate with you @dayashley11. Hehe oh! I think you'll love it :D
Taeyang: Happy Birthday @dayashley11!! I wanted to come by and take you out for your birthday. I was thinking we can do something romantic or something wild and fun.
But before we leave I bought you these flowers and this nice teddy bear. :D
Shall we?
Simon D: Ummm, wait hold up YB. Where you going with my girl on her birthday!?
I mean I appreciate you picking her up for me but I got this. Lol :D
Sweet surprises and tons of fun!
Taeyang: Hey yo Simon look I'm taking her out tonight so she can move to the music and let it sway her. We got plans for the night.
Simon: I made plans for her tonight as well. She can party with me or we can party all night with the crew. It's all up to her, we can do whatever she likes.
Taeyang: Well @dayashley the decision is yours. We can go out and party or we can stay in all night and cuddle until the sun rises!!
I'm pretty sure i prefer the later hehe :D
Simon D: Come on girl! You know you wanna come this way... We can do whatever you like, it is your night and we need to celebrate right!!
Even if that means we all celebrate together. AOMG and BIG BANG
@dayashley11 what do you think?
Taeyang: Let's do this!!!
Simon: Hell Yea!!
Happy Birthday @dayashley11 I hope we made your night real special.
(simon in the background).... that's okay cause you're coming home with me tonight anyways.
Taeyang: actually naw she ain't
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@dayashley11 happy birthday to you
o.o.... unnie even got simon to rap for ya @dayashley11
@dayashley11 Lol I had to.. I mean the Sun or the sexy rapper that makes you melt lmao
Happy Birthday!!🎂