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안녕하세요!! Hello Hello!! KPopBeat here with a new little segment dedicated to all that is Choco Abs...
Now before we get started. If you do not wish to be tagged in the Choco Factory posts then please let me know and I will remove you from the tag list for Choco Factory posts ONLY. This WILL NOT effect your being tagged in other posts from KpopINT.
Now I am not going to give you the names of the guys. I want to see if you guys know who they are. Don't worry they will still have faces... and I will respond in comments letting you if your guesses are right. I have not decided if I will make a follow up card the next day giving you information about the guy or if I will just mention his name in the comments. What do you guys want? Does one sound better than the other? Let me know... but for now... Let's get on with some pictures.........
Yes yes Oppa... we are all very excited too....
He pulls off the open shirt look fantastically...
Yes yes keep dancing we are still going.... and OPPA! Put on some clothes... a towel does not substitute for pants!
Anyone else think more of a country boy look for that first one?
Look at him... so beautiful....
Well loverlys.... we are getting to the end of today's choco abs card....
Yes, I said it... I am going to have to cut your pictures off before the nosebleeds start...
Look at that smile....
Fine! Be that way oppa... walking off and covering the chocolate... so mean....
lol anyways. Hope you all enjoy my new segment. Let me know below who you think this wonderful man is!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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@KpopBeat - We're all gonna get diabetes XD
This just made my day. There is nothing like Siwon and his delicious chocolate abs. 😍😍😍
Beautiful Siwon ... love that guy!!
Choi Siwon was perfect for this! You should follow up with info because he's a really awesome person.
Obvi this is Siwon Oppa. This was posted three days ago and I'm sad I missed it.
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