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Soul Eater
Chrona is and always has been the most similar to myself. He/she (depending if we're talking anime or manga) is awkward, has severe social anixety, and doesn't know how to talk to other people. When Chrona does finally find a friend worth holding onto, he does not let go and does any and everything to keep her safe. Maka tries and tries repeatedly to get Chrona out of his shell with very little luck.
Hinata Hyuga
Same exact concept as Chrona, I am alike like Hinata as well. She is extremely awkward and does everything in her power to make Naruto notice her without him actually noticing her. She is strong and capable, just has a hard time showing and expressing her emotions.
Ishida Uryuu
Even when he loses his Quincy powers, he still doesn't give up hope on himself nor his friends. He's willing to risk his own life in order to protect his friends even after he loses his powers during the Bount arc. Ishida literally gives up everything to be a "double agent" and work with the enemy knowing his friends will resent him for it in the latest Bleach manga arc. He's smart, cunning, courageous, and nothing but loyal to his closest friends.
Thanks again everyone! I was still awake so decided to go ahead and post this card now cuz I was super excited for this one!! (:
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