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Mzznaki Tetteh and Kojo Amoah, from Ghana, just got engaged.

So why is the internet buzzing about this seemingly normal, happy couple?

Because of this picture.

For some reason, trolls and nasty negative people decided to comment all over this photo about how they fear for the man's physical health or that the woman should be ashamed of her body.

This was their ENGAGEMENT PICTURE. This is supposed to be a happy giddy time in their lives and the internet ruined it...well, sort of....

Mzznaki isn't going to let you rain on her parade.

"Still confident...your rubbish comments ain't ruining my happiness...thanks to all for the compliments and best honoured. ✌✌"

Check her out and leave some positivity on her Instagram, here.

Who here is HAPPY for the gorgeous couple!?

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so happy for her . love her confidence
congrats ................and that's all I will say
She's confident and beautiful... fuck everybody else
She is actually quite pretty but everyone always focuses on how there body looks because apparently personality doesn't matter anymore. If I date a girl and she is a whinny little B**** I am going to dump her because I want to be with someone who is a mature. Clearly this girl is mature because she is not letting all the rude ass comments get to her because she is happy and she deserves to be happy, I honestly don't understand why people try to take that right away from her. I have a theory that most of the people that leave hate comments are lonely men who can't get a date so they bag on other people, or bitchy women who think they are better than everyone and have to make it know or they are also lonely because they have a shitty personality
I am. I don't know why people have to be so hateful!!!