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JYP Artists and Their Expression
I've always been a fan of music produce under this label. Starting from G.O.D. to Got7 and Day6! As I was listening I always find a pattern of repeating words in their song. So, I put together a flash card style playlists of my favorite JYP expressions!

And let's not forget this year's popular phrase from Twice!

Even other groups are affected by Sana's Shy Shy Shy!

Do you have any favorite K-Pop expressions?

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just READING shyshyshy got Cheer Up stuck in my head omg! HOW COULD YOU?!
a year ago·Reply
Was that PO in the first MV?
a year ago·Reply
@JayDay He's a JYP trainee, Kang Hyunwoo!
a year ago·Reply
Ohhh. When he had the brass instrument and glasses, I thought it was PO😂
a year ago·Reply