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Wahh oppa i am impressed u r soo nice , cool, funny, handsome and charming , and we r alike i am really honest just like u and i wanna travel the world 2 bfr i die its my Dream i pray we both get 2 travel the world AMEN and also i feel shy in front of ppl i d k and it tks me to get along w them haa we r zoo much alike oppa i love u saranghhae :) <3 And please sleep more sleeping is imp oppa as much as playing soccer lola i love u oppa be healthy , be happy and keep smiling :) <3
@hyunseang plzz c dis :) :) plzzz
@relinashinee @thatkdramalover I also like how he says he wants to debut a new band in coming years he is soo nice and thghtful mostly celebs don't do dat sm celebs r scrd they might loose,thr popularity like,that but he IS just soo caring for other ppl I like all celebs like dat and also dat he said that he will prefer love over friendship soo cute I want a namja like that I knw ppl dat ignore thr wives for thr frnds but he says he wd never do dat he wd rather ignore his friends for his wife love and wife comes first wahh I always wanted a namja like dat lols oppa please pray i get a namja like u who has dis thinking oppa I love u that girl wd be SOO LUCKY who wd get 2 be ur wife he will cherish her wahh I love u OPPA pls always stay the same I hope I get 2 c u one day <3 :-*
he is so cute and his personality is great. never disappoints, keep it up oppa :-)
learned alot about this guu