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You might want to rethink ever dating lawyers after reading this!

A 29-year-old Russian woman is currently being sued by her ex-boyfriend, a law firm director, after their relationship of two years finally ended. The amount owed - not including legal fees - is the sum of a carefully itemized list of every single purchase he made for her when they were together - from bouquets of flowers to restaurant bills.
According to Nina Zgurskaya (pictured above), it all started to fall apart when the romantic seaside getaway they went on didn't necessarily go according to plan:

"We went to Fedosia, Crimea, for 12 days and agreed that it was a romantic trip where he will propose to me. But it didn't happen. So I left."

A couple weeks later, she received the court papers, including copies of the receipts he'd cataloged over the past two years. It seemed he was determined to get it all back.
The (conveniently anonymous) plaintiff claims that Nina was 'never actually his girlfriend' and just wanted to 'relax at his expense', adding:

"She can't prove that we were even in a relationship. I never said that I was giving her a present or a free ride. Is it immoral to go to court? Am I expected to give money to every woman on the street?"

I can get the whole 'being unsure where you stand' relationship phase, but I think if it's been two years and you're still together, that's got to mean you're SOMETHING, right?
Allegedly, a Siberian regional court has since dismissed the claims, but the man filed for an appeal and the case will be heard again starting later this week.
So now I want to know:

Do you think it's fair for him to sue for his money back? Should men be able to sue for the money they spent on women when the relationship falls through?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more strange but true news from all things love-related, follow my Crazy Stupid Love collection!
what happened to my gender all of a sudden???
this is so stupid. what is wrong with that guy?
@TonyStealth @danidee I would like to see how this will turn out.
@Znae There maybe alot of outcomes and possibilities in this story..Yours might be one of them...Thanks for the drop..
@danidee Both of them are at wrong but however I find it stupid though. The woman didn't get what she was expecting( a romantic proposal) and she left just like that. Come on, she got to be be kidding right. Definitely there's more to the story than what she is saying..The man however found the cheapest pathetic way to get back at her. Just because he is a lawyer he can't do what he want. If that's the case how many women in the world are going to get sued for every single mistake they make. The man is suing this woman just because he didn't propose to her and she walk away..Yeah right. Obviously both of them are not telling the truth. That woman is a scheming snake and that guy is a calculative bastard.
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