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Don't freak out yet: I KNOW.

I know that every mascara since....well, since forever, has basically been trying to get less and less clumpy. Most people don't want their lashes to stick together....but there are some people that like the look. While it make not look totally natural, what makeup does? This 60s inspired look is one that some people really love.
I'm not talking about REALLY clumpy -- I'm talking about tactfully clumpy lashes.

Is it Twiggy, or Clumpy?

I know a lot of people see them as just clumpy, but I personally like the thick, separated style of the lashes when done well. Heck, there's even people who use falsies to achieve this look! While I don't think it's an every day style, I love the statement it makes!

But I think there's a limit to how "clumpy" still looks good ;)

What do you think of this kind of look?

Tagging some beauty community members!!
Totally agree! @hikaymm
@AnnaWall That's a good point! If you have so much lash already this would be a really HEAVY look for sure.But if they're thinner its be a good impact i guess :)
I don't care for it but for those with don't have very long eyelashes or not very thick eyelashes it kinda makes sense. My mom and my sister pull off this look very well and they both have short thin lashes. On my very long and think lashes I don't think it would look good
@efacew @beachbabebrig I agree actually!! I like thicker lashes on the bottom in this style (twiggy style) but on the top too and it becomes overkill really quickly and is REALLY hard to pull off
yeah I don't like it lol
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