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Hi guys! I'm new h.....okay JUST KIDDING.

But seriously, I haven't actually ever introduced myself?! (Thank you @micahsaysnihao for bringing that to my attn omg!)

So here is my super brief into card, and I hope you all make one too! We talk to each other all the time, but intro cards really help people get to know each other :)

Kpop Life:

Well, I got into Kpop via Jpop. From there I discovered Suju, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and was completely sucked in.
In 2010-ish I started falling out of love with Kpop (I was starting college so I had so little time!) but then found Infinite and was brought back into the crazy world. Annnnd I'm still in it >.<
I started learning Korean but other than one semester of a class I never took a formal class soooo I'm all self taught (meaning I'm not that great because I'm not the best teacher lol)

Normal Life:

I'm from San Diego. I am a Capricorn, and a mildly outgoing person (I need to feel comfortable and then I'm really noisy haha)
I work with social media, but Vingle is my online community of choice aaaaand that's about it! My IRL friends aren't into Kpop at all (I have 2 friends who are into it but we're rarely together so I still just talk to them online anyway haha)
I joined Vingle maybe 2 years ago? And I've made so really cool friends and Im so happy this community stayed rad even as it grows :3

Ultimate Bias: HAKYEON OBVS

Second Bias: Suga

Kpop Spirit Animal: Changsub and Sandeul

Now let's hear about you! Be sure to tag me^^

Wow I'm actually in South Jersey so I don't know if that would be anywhere near me cause I know a lot of people live more in northern jersey than south
What a nice intro card! I'll eventually get around to making one... I hardly post.
I'll make one. 😊
I SHALL MAKE ONE! I don't think I've ACTUALLY introduced myself
ill make one later .... in the middle of a K-drama 😋😜
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