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I'm not even joking guys...I was away from my phone for an hour to come back and see that EXO had a press conference, Jongin dyed his hair, Suho gave some big ass spoilers and their album has already sold 660,180 copies before it has even been released...
Jongin went back to bubble gum pink!!! I honestly liked his dirty blonde hair....oh well...
Seriously Suho?!?!?! I don't even know why I try to come up with these theories sometimes...they end up doing something sooo obvious...I just...*facepalms*
Well...the mv hasn't come out yet so their might me something they haven't already told us...I still remember when Suho said "EXO-Ls will have a CULTURAL SHOCK" Now I'm really curious...will the cultural shock be them going against all our theories???
You can watch the full press conference here... PS Theirs no english subtitles...true love overcomes all barriers... Credits!
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@yukigintokie Same but it's school for me
Lol @RavenQueen0810 the struggle of having things to do
Despite the fact I din't understand Korean I found this intresting.