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Sometimes, you don't want to go too crazy with your eyes, but you're tired of neutral shadows. The solution?
Just add a pop of color with one of these tips!

1. Try a colored mascara on the bottom lashes!

Don't get scared: you can make this work! Slight hints of colored mascara are coming back in. If you're afraid to go overboard, just put them on the bottom lashes only. You can do it!

2. Add color to your lower lashline.

This is one of the easiest ways, and you can add it at the last minute if you decide your look is too bland for the day. Simply use a small angled brush or a smudger brush to pick up some color and apply it right under your lashline! Blend out a bit if you want, and tightline your waterline above it with either a nude color or your usual eyeliner color. Viola!

3. Colored wings!

While you could all out with a bright pink cat eye, try doing winged eyeliner in black, and then use a color (like pink or blue) to add another wing to the look. The color will pop, but it won't be so dramatic that you feel like you should be headed to the discotheque.
Or, you can do the colored wing first and put the black on top of it afterwards!

4. Touch of color cut crease!

This is another look that can be done really dramatically, or you can keep it simple. Do a neutral cut crease. After cutting the crease, add just a swipe of color along the outer corner of the lid. This way, when you blink, you'll flash a bright bit of color!

5. Inner corners only!

If you want more color or to keep the color in the eye shadow, try this! Adding color to only the inner corners will make it pop without being TOO crazy :)

Which look would you try?

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If only I had eyes like these... I would be fucking shit up
I like all looks thanks 4 the ideas!
that's a good idea for cosplayers
I like inner courner
@stephosorio Me too omg!! We seriously just have the same look loves, don't we? hahah!!
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