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About few years ago, I was all about making an Amazon wishlist. If you guys don't know what they are, they're essentially a special 'bookmarked' part of Amazon where you can create your own page of things that you want so if your birthday or Christmas or something else comes along, you can pass it forward to a friend or family member.

This webcomic just reminded me I had one. And it's probably embarrassing. (Let me go check.)

PSY "Gangnam Style" Singing Toothbrush $4.22

I actually DID end up getting this for Christmas a couple years ago, but it definitely broke within a month. REST IN PEACE, PSY TOOTHBRUSH.

Kimchi flavored Ramune soda $7

I was going through a phase where I was obsessed with obscure flavored Ramune soda. I really wanted to try the kimchi and takoyaki flavors, but only ever got to try the yellow curry flavor. Which actually did taste like curry. So weird.

Balloon Dog salt and pepper shaker $6.99

I was obsessed with Jeff Koons at the time and like super obscure-yet-useful household items. Plus, you know, it's a balloon dog.

So do you have an Amazon wishlist? What's on it? Or if you haven't set one up before, what would you WANT on yours?

I have an Amazon wish list full of kpop merch and a couple of things for my phone, like super cute BigBang phone cases.
I want a. butt shaped mug :(
I Have An Amazon Wish List. It Has So Much Stuff On It Though Lol
mine is boring just looked
in afraid to go look at mine
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