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This season is wrapping up soon, and it's got me thinking about what my favorite show is of the one's I've been watching. Let me note first off that I haven't watched some other shows that I know people are really loving like Kiznaiver, but I will once they're complete!

Of what I'm watching, Re:Zero is definitely #1!

Which makes me even more excited that it won't be ending just yet, as its confirmed for 26 episodes!!

What makes this show great?

Gonna try to stay out of spoiler territory here, but I'd say the following:
- MC we can all relate to. Seriously. Subaru is great: he calls out tropes, tries to set them up, is genuinely a good guy, is admirable, is braver than he realizes, blah blah blah. I could go on and on. He's also incredibly loyal & incredibly dorky. Which I love.
- Cute characters who have interesting personalities, no matter how many times we see them in action (cough, cough, cough....I won't say more).
- Interesting concept. It hits on the "transported to a fantasy world" trope but in a way that is unexpected & refreshing. I won't give spoilers, but his situation is unlike those of any other MC I've encountered, and he learns how to work the situation in his favor.
- Mystery! I really can't figure out what's going to happen, and that keeps me on edge & excited for the next week's episode!
- A dark & a light side. There's both comedy and sadness. There's real pain, but there's also silly fun. This makes the show easier to get through. Not that I need any more reasons to keep watching it :D

TL;DR: You should give it a try!

If you have, what do you love about it? (try to avoid spoilers!!)
Tagging some new members of the community!! Have you guys seen this show?
@alliepetey Not a harem at all so far! There are a lot of females who he cares for, but there's no ecchi / no over the top love from him by any of the girls / he's only into one of them romantically ((editing bc maybe i shouldn't say no ecchi but i can't remember any instances of it!!))
@BlackoutZJ I agree, two of the best this season
@BlackoutZJ 2 best shows this season
I Love this Show just about as much as Boku no Hero Academia.
hey hey @hikaymm it basura as said from Rem Rem n also lik I feel bad for basura because lik he tru so hard n yet something still com in get in his way which mean he has to start all over again
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