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It's like every time I get the urge to travel and see a new place, NY decides to slap and me as if to say: "What are you thinking?" I snapped this photo while showing relatives my home base. I do not spend much time in NY during the summer as school is out (and I'm glad, as it is MUCH too hot), but it does have it's own upbeat charm during the hot weather. Everyone makes an effort to get out despite the scorching NY summer heat. Maybe to grab an ice cream, maybe to listen to the amazing piano player in the middle of the walkway. Whatever it is, WSP has a way of planting human beings on its lovely benches. Please comment! I have winter and summer of WSP, looking forward to complete my collection with fall and spring :)
@nokcha has the snow subsided?
Piano in the park... sounds lovely!
I need summer back. I was just in Central Park today and there's still snow everywhere :/
!!! last summer i was taking summer classes at nyu and every morning i had a coffee and a bagel and sat on a bench in wsp with a book (but mostly people and dog watching haha)...the photo really captures the ambiance of that place...