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What happened after I found BTS:

• got back into kpop • found 1st bias • made bias list • learned a full choreo & many other choruses • listened to more groups • variety show marathons • joined social media to support groups • wrecked bias list tons of times • learned how to make edits • downloaded tons of photo apps • learned how to gif • made memes/edits on the bus ride home • ordered 1st kpop merch • ordered 1st kpop album • met kpop acquaintances irl • got back into kdramas • ruined sleep schedule (& GPA a little bit)

TL;DR: A LOT has happened xD

But I want to back track to when I first found these dorks... ***Sorry if you get offended!!

I focused on the dance at first.

I watched their dance practice after searching for "kpop dance practice" on YouTube (just out of the blue). I didn't look at the boys at all because the dance just HAD me. ESPECIALLY the head-bobbing part ♡

First time watching the Dope MV: the 2 people who caught my eye were Jimin and Jungkook.

Ofc I didn't know who anyone was so I went by hairstyles lol. Before he was Jimin, he was Ketchup xD Again, I mostly focused on the dance.

If it wasn't V, it would've been Jungkook.

*first couple of pics I ever downloaded Someone made a comment about V having a baby face and the voice of a 30-year-old smoker. Intrigued, I looked for this V person and dove into identifying all of the members. I focused on V after someone said he was her bias (I still didn't fully understand the bias concept so I just stuck with V) but if I hadn't picked V, I would have gone with Jungkook. Hairstyles are usually what get my attention and I loved his as soon as I watched the Dope MV for the first time. Plus, something about him was pulling me towards him...

I didn't realize Jin was part of the group.

*more of the first pics I downloaded Sorry, Jin-oppa... When I first saw the above pic, only really knowing by then (I think) who Jungkook, V, and probably Jimin were, I thought Jin was some guest or friend. Plus, me still being kinda close-minded, I was a bit turned off by him in the 2nd pic because of what his gesture means to certain (pervy) people in the States...

I confused Jin and J-hope.

It just got worse for Jin ig :( They just looked so similar to me >.> Now, I can't really see how I could've made that mistake.

I blankly acknowledged Suga and Rap Monster.

I saw Rap Monster and thought, "oh, he looks cool". And that was it. Wth, brain. I barely glanced at Suga... Like, I knew he was there but he didn't stick out to me at all... But as I dove deeper into the hole that is BTS, I discovered the no jams joke and "Tomorrow", my all-time favorite song by BTS EVER. It bumped Suga into my Top 3 when I made my first list ♡

I didn't think Jimin was cute at all.

At the time, he was Ketchup to me and the only thing I really liked was how solid his dance moves were. People kept commenting about how cute/hot/sexy he was but I didn't get the hype until later. I don't remember when I changed but he's been wrecking me ever since (heck, I have a Tumblr in his name xD). He's also responsible for introducing me to the terms "bagel" and "bread/chocolate abs".

After declaring myself an ARMY, everything changed.

I had newfound respect for each and every member of BTS. I got so caught up in maybe seeing them at KCON LA that I forgot I'd probably have to go solo if my parents gave me the green light. Can you imagine that? I was so consumed with seeing them that I hadn't realized I was practically alone in my newfound obsession until my mom pointed it out. I'm doing better though. My friends know that I like kpop and I met some kpoppers who's fanboy/girl level I have yet to assess.

So, what were you first impressions of these boys, ARMYs and others alike?


@JamiMilsap @JackieG1617 thank you! This is just me taking a step back to look at the world for a bit
My impression of Jimin was the opposite of yours - I saw him dancing and was like "who is this beautiful creature and where can I find more of him?!" He is the reason I got into BTS. Since discovering Jimin he has not only succeeded in wrecking my bias list totally and completely, he has also managed to take over the UB position from T.O.P - something I thought NO ONE would ever be able to do! *sigh* What are these guys doing to us?! 😉
i thought they were idiots: dance practices
@TheEnlightment Thanks! I can't wait to see your card ^^
their so PERFECT
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