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A recent video by Just Not Sports took two prominent female sportswriters and had regular guys* read the awful abuse they receive online aloud.

Sportswriters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro sat by as men read some of the most vile tweets they receive on a daily basis.

These types of messages come in response to one thing: The women were doing their jobs.

Those wishes that DiCaro would die by hockey stick and get raped? Those were the result of her simply reporting on the NHL's Patrick Kane rape case: one of the league's top players was accused of rape.
DiCaro wasn't writing opinion pieces. She was simply reporting things like what the police said, statements from lawyers, and just general everyday work reporters do. In response, she received a ton of death threats. Her male colleagues didn't receive nearly the same amount of abuse.

See how long you can last watching it.

*(Note: The men reading them did not write these comments; they're just volunteers to prove a point.)

How do you feel when you see comments like this online?

Is there a good way to stand up to these kinds of people, or can they not be changed?

You can try to educate, but ignorance cannot be obliterated if the individual does not want to change.
Frankly, this is disturbing to watch. I don't think this experiment will change anyone of those hateful people. This behavior is something that we see on social media all the time, regardless of business or leisure. It is vulgar and unnecessary. smh
I don't think there's any redemption for most of these people, their heads are so far up their bums they form a circle.
people are heart less
You don't "stand up" to types like that (unless U in da mood to tussle ;), best policy is to just ignore them. They're psychic vamps that get a charge when you resist them... Repeat after me; *shoot death glare* (like, omg... did you know there's a giant *ANUS* sprouting where your mouth used to be!), then look *completely bewildered*, then *utter disinterest* THEN... (and only then), look away and forget they exist while turning to a more rewarding endeavor like picking your nose or cleaning fingernails... If those measures fail, I recommend the tazer... Pepper spray just leaves them conscious and whiney... lol
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