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the first video is the Korean version the second is of course the Chinese version . I was anticipating the wait now I can't believe they're back. aghh I love this song and video. I love everything about them they're all so handsome in here. I just love chanyeol's red hair. I love the theme of the video. now I'm waiting for monster. what is everyone's opinion on this song and video???
@Tigerlily84 they released it I made another card check it out
lol I am waiting for monster as well I'm sure once they release it I will die lol. I'm sire I'll be camping when they release it so the whole campground will hear me lol
I love it. But I know I will love Monster even more. All though I am a little nervous after seeing the teaser. Grrrr SM release it already!! Hurry up! Lol
they need to not be so amazing lol
@TammyMcPherson I've watched it twice. Now I am waiting on the Mandarin version