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안녕하세요 my loverlys!! KPopBeat coming at you again with another dose of daily chocolate.
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Now! Back to business. Today I am going to through you a little tougher set of chocoabs. On the last chocoabs reveal I spoiled you with pictures of Siwon from Super Junior. Today... we are leaving the idol stage.
This star is particularly a favorite of mine. He is gorgeous, he can act, and with his model history the guy cannot take a horrible photo..... I am totally jealous..... Sigh....
Anyone recognize him?
I want her job... no questions about it!
Look at that smile! I can't hold back... His smile makes me smile. So sexy....
I know I yelled at Siwon for walking around in only a towel... But I am having a hard time yelling at this guy..... A bit bias I might just be... lol
Still can't figure it out? Well these are the last... and most important pictures I am going to give you. This is from one of his more recent shows... One that grabbed a lot of attention.
Do you recognize it?
Awe looks like someone is ready for a nap. Good Night OPPA!!!
Well that is all for today's daily dose of Chocoabs. I hope you all enjoyed it.
Look forward to the introduction card that will come out tomorrow!!
Until Next Time Loverlys
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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My favorite vampire! Lee Soo Hyuk! 💙💚💛💜 Oh and on the 2nd block of pics #4..I died 😍
@JamiMilsap He did make a fantastic evil vampire didnt he. Probably have to agree with you though definitely a favorite.
Thats my vampireman!
That was the first drama I saw him in where he's the vampire OMG I fell in love with him he makes a vampire just sooo super sexy my god! He is a very beautiful man I love him
Fell in love when I watched Scholar that walks the night.... Love this care!!!!! @exoexo