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ARMY please pass this along and listen to what they have to say.
We are all aware of the bad behaviour a few ARMY have displayed recently. All fans must remember 1. Our idols are human 2. Our actions not only effect the fandom but also BTS AND all their hardworking staff. 3. Bighit wants us all to enjoy BTS but will do everything in their power to protect our boys and our fanbase. Please do everything in your power to restrain yourself and try to prevent those who can't.
P.S I can't remember any other company making an announcement for the fans to chill out. I honestly wouldn't put it past BigHit if they started cancelling stuff as punishment.
I wish there was some way we could organize a get together where we plan out extra security for BTS, lining for the airport when they arrive in is the USA for Kcon, or something so we know they won't get mauled again. it's sad we have to think about it but ppl are crazy
@AlittleJoy I was thinking about this too. Like maybe if we can get enough leveled headed fans to act as extra security or something. They could create the 1st line of defense and talk to all the fans b4 they arrive once they arrive. But then we dont really know how some ppl will react when they see their idols up close for the 1st time so it would still be difficult to keep it effective. 馃馃馃
@AlittleJoy. at would be cool but we need money
It's seriously getting out of hand. I love BTS and I love watching them perform. so those fans need to get in check or we'll all be paying for their mistakes. that's not fair to the rest of us.
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