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안녕하세요 my loverlys! KPopBeat here with your daily dose of chocolate. Yesterday I showed you all a lovely bunch of pictures featuring the Model turned actor Lee See Hyuk.
Did you know who he was? Have you seen anything he has stared in?
Lee See Hyuk is currently signed with Star J Entertainment. He debuted back in 2006 as a model for designer Jung Wook Jun's Lone Costume Fashion show. He quickly found himself getting popular in the fashion world even doing cover shoots for GQ, Bazzar and Elle.
It was after he appeared in MVs for the girls groups Gavy NJ in 2009 and 2NE1 in 2010 that his career took a shift leading him into the world of acting. He has been in a lot of shows including High School King of Savvy, Neighborhood Hero, What's Up, and Vampire Idol, among many more. One of my favorites being his role in The Scholar Who Walks the Night.
Birth Name: Lee Hyuk Soo
Name: Lee Soo Hyuk
Birthday: May 31, 1988
Job: Modeling and Acting
Height: 184cm/6'0"
Blood Type: AB
Now I told you a few of his Dramas but you can also find a full list of his work here...
Have you seen any of his shows? If you haven't I do recommend them. I am excited to see his newest show Lucky Romance. I tend to wait until a show has been completed before I watch it so I have yet to look into it.
Well Oppa I have to end this segment here... I hope all of the readers enjoyed learning a bit about about dear Lee Soo Hyuk.
Whelp that is all for this round of chocoabs. I hope you all enjoyed it.
I am not sure what set of chocoabs will grace us tomorrow maybe I will go back and forth making tomorrow an idol day. You will just have to tune in and see for yourself!!
Until Next Time Loverlys!
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omg I love this man soo much! I loved him in the scholar that walks the night. long hair looks ridiculously good on him. And that deep voice? wooh! (fans herself)
I am in love with that man!!! He is so sexy!!! 😍😍😍
I love Lee Soo Hyuk! He's so sexy 😍