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BigHit has just informed that they want all ARMYs to respect BTS's personal space that means in which since BigHit is now very concern for their safety while traveling its time to stop! The boys are humans too guys. They aren't super humans who can resist pain. J-Hope was tugged by a fan and another fan had to brush the rude fan off J-Hope. Like do you think we're gonna have good reputation while fans are being so disrespectful like this?! Last month they got attacked in Europe and now this?!


Picture of Jimin tripping after being pushed and shoved by crowd security are luckly there to catch him before he falls. Unfortunately for Jin and Suga they fell as fans continued to shove eager to get a close look at the boys.

Copy of notice from BigHit to all ARMYs!

"[NOTICE] BigHit Entertainment notice regarding the BTS Tour in Asia BigHit Entertainment would like to share our regrets over the recent incidents when some fans showed their affection for BTS in a wrong manner. Such attitude of a small number of people can and do cause harm on a lot of people, including BTS members. BTS is participating in '2016 BTS LIVE [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life on stage: epilogue] tour for countries such as Taiwan, Japan and so on. Some fans… -used the same airlines with BTS on purpose and kept trying to talk to BTS or taking pictures of the members, despite restraints by BigHit staff and security guards. - tried to sit next to BTS members on board, - attempted to get a hold of BTS members by making physical contacts and etc. BigHit Entertainment takes safety of BTS and fans as number one priority and does its best to secure the safety of BTS members by allocating as many security guards as possible on site. We also politely ask fans to stay safe and to follow the fan etiquettes. If any of the incidents on the above list happens, BTS and fans will be affected directly. It will also damage the image and future activities of BTS very seriously. To prevent such unpleasant incidents and to help BTS successfully finish the tour, Big Hit Entertainment hereby asks all the fans to follow the etiquette and rules mutually agreed among fans around the world. BTS and BigHit Entertainment are always grateful for your love and support. Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding. From BigHit Entertainment"

Please to all ARMYs out there and to all fans of other idol groups I advise you to respect them like how you want to be respected and loved. If these incidents keep happening they won't plan to have concerts out of Korea.

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honestly, these are the things that make me ashamed to be apart of this fandom. if they can do something as simple as leave them alone they have no business calling yourself ARMY
@minimanim3 true I am also ashamed as well we have such a bad reputation right now *sigh*