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First of, I want to say sorry to BTS for they way we acted at the airport. Seeing the pictures and watching the videos made me feel disgusted. It made me feel ashamed for being part of this Fandom know that we, as a whole, are doing this to the boys. We say we love them but we go and harass them. We say we love them but we don't give them space to pick them self back up when they fall at airports. The past two years we have grown as a family but because of this I think we have grown more dangerous to the boys and other fandoms around us. I understand we love the boys and want to always be there for them but sometimes we need to give them space. We need to start controling ourself when we see them in public. The way we behave is disappointing and just makes me angry to know that I'm apart of the Fandom that is doing this. When reports come out of the boys not being able to enjoy their vacation or not being able to walk though an airport because of us is just pathetic. I'm sorry guys but all of us should be ashamed for what people in our Fandom are doing to the boys we love. We know they love us and give us everything we want but do we give is everything they need? Next time reports come out like the one that happen in Sweden, I don't know if I want to be part of this Fandom anymore. I already said it but I'll say it again. I'm really sorry BTS and I hope it won't happen again.
Watch no one read this. That would be be depressing.
@NicoleJolly Right. Trust me I think some of these boys are my babies 馃槀 but it's just sad to know we are the ones that cause them to feel uncomfortable
@NicoleJolly Exactly. I feel like some people in fandoms just forget that they are people too and still have a life to live
i fully agree with you. im new to this fandom and kpop in general, and hearing about how these artists are treated is honestly dispicable. they work hard and the fact that they can't live and enjoy their lives and fruits of their labor is sad. Honestly all the fandoms i have become a paet of are starting to scare me because in some cases they cause more harm than good
exactly i don't know why its not an uderstanding for everyone that they are human and have feelings. soon they are not foing to be doing anything but coming out for concerts and thats it. aww my babies. im feeling very mama bear right now 馃槄馃槄馃槄
yup trust me i get a bit crazy about my groups dont get me wrong. but to see them hurt. hurts me in a way because these guys are young alot of them and they can't even be kids and are constantly on guard. you can tell they love there fans but when you here them speak you can tell they feel pressured