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Sooooooooo guys, EXO has released both their MVs. I'm am dead. "Monster and Lucky One has ruin my life. These songs are very, very dangerous and honestly my feels are all tired out.

"Lucky One"

This song had a funky feel to it, as I suspected from the teaser. It completly suprassed mg expectations both visually and vocally. EXO killed it and this song was too good. I'm guessing on this one they were being experimented on. EXO was trying to escape and ended up using thier powers. At the end, however, of showed them being watched from the women on a screen. So maybe them escaping was just a scenario that the women made up. Not sure at all xD They all looked good and was it me or were they faces a little greasy.


This MV got me right in my soul. My fangirl heart was not ready to see Baekhyun's piercing. That was only the first of the many killings to come. The MV was wild but the CHOREO WAS INSANE!! EXO choreo is always good and they definitely delivered this time. Sehun/Lay had some lines so I got happy quick. In this MV I'm not exactly sure what was happening, it looked like EXO was rebelling or fighting against something. Maybe it's the women from the last MV. I'm not exactly sure. But the song was great.
Me after watching both MVs. EXO killed this comeback. I know their album is going to be good too. Can't wait to hear that.

Which MV was your favorite?

I'm not sure how I feel about either video yet...they are both dark and kind of weird? interesting? intriguing? Not sure, but loved the choreo in Monster.
OMG!!! I love them both but not gonna lie.... I love Monstet WAY more then Lucky one 😍😍😍😍