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EXO Alert: They came in like a wrecking ball~ Pt. 1
AHHHHHHH!!!!!! ASFDGDDIERB!!!! *passes out* OH MY GOOOOOD!!!! I did not expect to like Lucky One this much!!! I thought I would be more inclined to the dark concept....and boy was I wrong...It was funky and catchy and had a plot twist in the end! On the other hand Sehun, Minseok and Yixing got more lines!!! Our prayers have been answered!!! However I feel like this is Baek's era...Isn't it enough that he already has my heart??? Now my soul???
Okay so the the mv starts off by showing the members being taken into the labs(?) because they have lost their powers..
However, I guess the members found out the woman in red masks are actually bad...when they start locking them up....
But then Kyungsoo gets his powers back!!! and he breaks the glasses allowing them to escape....
So they run for their lives...
PS Thank you SM for that lovely BaekYeol scene
Alas, the women in red masks try to hold them back in...
That's when the members all get their powers back...
The woman in red masks can't stand the members exomeness and their heads explode...(lol that was totally me after watching the mv XD) and they escape....happily ever after??? I THINK NOT!!!
Those selfish bastards!!!! Kyungsoo helped you escape and you left him behind?!?!?!?!?! Poor baby how could EXO do this to him???? At least he was being optimistic by saying "I am the Lucky One"
Guys for the first time in history the Chinese version has more views than the Korean version!!! Well......the views got stuck, but a girl can dream...
I hope you guys can support the Chinese version as much as the Korean version....XD
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My OTP was sailing so hard in this MV thank you SM
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This is the day when EXO destroyed my feels!!!!!!!
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