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In this group: Juliette (MV, Japanese MV, Dance version) Replay (MV, Dance Version, Dance practice, Japanese MV) Love Like Oxygen (MV, Dance version) Amigo (MV)
In this group: Hello (MV) Lucifer (MV, Dance practice, Japanese MV) Ring Ding Dong (MV) I'm unsure about #6 cause the title is in Korean Sherlock (MV, Dance version, Dance practice) Dream Girl (MV)
In this group: Dream Girl (Dance version) Why So Serious (MV, Dance version) Everybody (MV, Dance practice) View (MV, Dance version) Married To The Music (MV, Dance version)
In this group: Taemin: Danger (MV, Dance practice) Drip Drop (Performance MV) Press Your Number (MV, Performance version 1, Performance version 2) Jonghyun: Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) (MV) Deja Boo (Showcase MV) Hallelujah (Dance practice) End Of A Day (MV)
oh! I know what #6 is!! It's an Anycall commercial with the secondary couple of Boys Over Flowers in it!
The name of the song is 보디가드 (Bodyguard)
@AlyssaGelet818 Oh thank you!!! I never knew what it was called
@JiyongLeo No problem! I have just about every song downloaded, so I knew the song's name. Plus I saw Kim Bum and I knew what it was xD That was one of the first things I saw when I got into k-pop & k-dramas ^-^