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Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
There was a massive knock at your door at about 7:30am. You reluctantly woke up and noticed that Woozi had entered the room. He was sat at the edge of your bed making sure to keep his distance. "Morning sunshine how did you sleep?" You yawned, "great until you woke me up" he scratched at the back of his neck, "yeah sorry about that love but we have word that Yoongi's lot are leaving soon in order to get you back" You leant up on your elbows, "so what do you need me to do then?" He smiled, obviously that was the type of response he wanted. "I want you to keep them here so I can talk to Yoongi" You were willing to help him as long as none of them got seriously hurt by his men. Woozi assured you he would keep to this promise.
Maybe it was the fact that he was related to Woozi but you seemed to trust this 'enemy' boss completely. He went over his self-designed plan with you and you understood exactly what to do. It was just like another mission within itself. He guided you to your position and quickly mentioned about your current environment. Where the offices, exits and toilets were. Exits? You could leave if you wanted to. You could easily go against him, grab your team and get out of there. What was stopping you? Oh yeah, the bodyguard that kept you company. It was a brown haired man that always seemed to wear a small smile. Woozi introduced him as Hoseok. He was ordered to stay by your side and make sure you went along with the plan. There goes all your ideas about an easy escape.
They had supplied you with an ear piece so you could hear what's going on. A sound of cracking came over it and you noted that your team where now in the building. "No one down here sir!" Amber called. "Keep an eye out guys, I know what that little prick can be like" Yoongi's voice was quite raspy like he hadn't been drinking, eating or sleeping properly for that matter. The footsteps moved down the hall and soon they were marching up the stairs. Another voice came over the ear piece, it was the leader of your little mission of course. "Y/N they'll be up to your floor in about 3 minutes. Call him!" You picked out your phone from your pocket and dialled Yoongi's number. Hoseok stayed completely silent behind you.
"Y/N where are you? We're in the building!" "Yoongi I... I don't know!" "Could you give me an estimate?" "12th floor I guess" Such a lie. You were sat on the 10th floor, Woozi was on the 12th. "Okay, we're coming up. You still ok?" "Fine Gigi. I'll be pleased when I see you" At least that was true! "Don't worry sweetie, I'll be there as soon as I can!" And with that the call ended. He was on his way up to Woozi. The plan was going well - so far. It shocked you how determined Gigi seemed in order to find you, it was like his whole life depended on it. Woozi's voice once again came over the ear piece, "good job Y/N, once he gets past your floor then call him again!"
You waited another 2 minutes or so and then heard that you were in the clear to call him. "Gigi, end of the hall..." As you were saying this, you and Hoseok were moving up the stairs to get into the next position. "I can hear you babe... Please" For some reason the word 'babe' made his pace quicken. A new term of endearment that you've used towards him. "I'm just there..." There was a pause as you heard the door open and close. "Y-Y/N what the fuck is th-" You cut him off. Now you were standing at the top of the stairs at level 12. You walked down the hall and waited outside the door for the signal to come in. It had worked, like Woozi said.
Yoongi's perspective~ She wasn't here, only that little devil child Woozi was in the room. "What the hell is going on?" He asked. The door was slammed shut behind them by Namjoon. He was aware of Woozi's henchmen. "We need to talk dear brother..." There was no way his lunatic brother would talk any sense into him. "This involves all of you for that matter." The door swung open and Hoseok walked in, followed by Y/N. He ran up to her and embraced her. So many questions flooded through his head. "Are you alright? You told me this room was where you were!" His voice was rapidly asking for answers. "Just... Listen to Woozi, Gigi" What had he done to her? Had he hypnotised her? Why was she so trusting of this crazy man? She had sided with him somehow, he had to have answers for this.
Woozi's perspective~ He nodded to Y/N as a sign of thanks. Yoongi would obey her, no way would he willingly listen to his younger brother. "Min, I want your group to join mine. I don't like Y/L/N's organisation and I want it taken down." The look on the group's faces said it all. 'No way' "Why?" The short haired woman spoke up, "why should we turn against our own company? The ones who trained us in the first place?" Finally, someone who asked a few questions. Y/N had just trusted him in order to keep her group safe, she never questioned this plan. All the information he was about to go through would be new to her as well. It was going to be a long afternoon. "Sit down guys, make yourselves comfortable. I'll explain..."
Sp Hoseok and Namjoon are on Woozi's side?
What is it?!?! We need answers!!!