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Noragami has become quite a popular anime series for a few reasons. Today in this anime review I will be going over one of my favorite anime's Noragami! For those of you who have not seen this anime I will try my best to keep it spoiler free so you can enjoy this anime to its full content!

What's this anime about???

Noragami is an anime about a minor God named Yato. With big dreams of becoming famous Yato try's desperately to get jobs which he charges only 5 yen for. While Yato was on a job he encountered a young girl named Hiyori Iki (Iki Hiyori). These two later grow quite found to each other and become friends. Yato also when saving Hiyori finds a new regalia the he claims and names Yukiné. While on his way to finally making his big dreams come true Yato has quite a lot of ups and downs with other Nora's(a regalia with more then one master) gods, and even his own regalia.
Time for the characters!!! Yay!!!! Characters that should be real because there so hot and cool!!! My sweet sweet Kazuma!!!!


Yato is a god of calamity and war. He is a minor God with big dreams as he works his way to the top he makes new friends. With his personality going from childish and playful to serious and scary in only a few seconds he is a badass and funny main protagonist of anime. It is known that Yatos personality can change within 2.5 seconds. I'd be careful if I were you don't tick him off.


Yukiné is Yatos latest regalia. He was found on a snowy day which is why Yato named him Yukiné.(Yukiné meaning: sound of snow) Yukiné has a personality that is a bit cold and cruel. He is jealous of the living and sad that no one can see him now that he is dead. Yukiné is somewhat a brat(no offense fanboys and Fangirls but let's face he is a little bratty) but if you mess with the ones he loves he'll get serious just like Yato does. It is told Yukiné had a life full of getting beat from his parents and sorrow yet he still kept a smile on his face and once he died all of that sorrow and anger rushed out of him.

Hiyori Iki:

Hiyori is a young girl in eighth grade. She becomes a half phantom because she tried saving Yato by pushing him out of the way when he almost got hit by bus (tho yatty-chan insist he didn't need help dodging the bus)Hiyori is a kind, loving, girl that cares very deeply about the people she loves. She would do anything for he friends and family. She is a very heart warming person that'll comfort you when you need it. And trust me she knows when someone is being stupid (A.K.A when Yato was pretending to be a detective, in the first ova)


Bishamon also known as Bishamonten is a goddess of war. She can be fierce or she can be generous. She is a god of war with hundreds of regalia's her most used one is Kazuma. She a some bad history with Yato and has been trying to kill him ever since the incident happened. In order to get revenge she tracks him down and uses her regalia's to try and kill him but each time she attacks him he hurts another of her regalia's making her want even more revenge.


Ok just wanna make this clear Kazuma is mine forever!!! Kazuma the only regalia left of Bishamons "ma" clan. Kazuma owes Yato a favor because he asked him to do a job for him but did not have the money unlike Bishamon Kazuma has a good past with Yato. Kazuma is Bishamons most used regalia. Kazuma in his weapon form takes the place of a navigator. His abilities let bishamon track people and tell her when to strike her enemy for a better hit. Not to mention how hot he is.😘


Ah, kofuku. She's a goddess of poverty with one regalia. She is a nice loving God but still don't piss her off. She's like the other characters in the show don't freaking make her mad if you do just run. Other then that she's a playful girl, that's nice. She's just a little bit dumb though. No offense Kofuku. With her regalia she can summon an opening to the under world also known as a vent. That then allows anyone to pass through into the underworld. Though when she does open up a gate it unleashes a bunch phantoms. She can tell where phantom storms happen or will happen.




Daikoku is the regalia of Kofuku. He can transform into a black fan which then allows his user to open a vent to the underworld. He is a somewhat scary person that is very serious. He also owns a rest stop!!! How fun! He also made Yukiné work there. Which was really funny!

What exactly is a Nora?

A Nora is a regalia that has more than one master. Let's make up an example let's say that Daikoku has three masters maybe he belongs to Bishamon, Yato and Kofuku. That's just an example people.

What is a regalia?

A regalia is an untainted spirit that can serve as a weapon or protection to a god or goddess. To get a regalia a god must find an untainted spirit and name them by saying these words: you with nowhere to go and nowhere to return... I grant you a place to belong my name is (whatever the gods name is) bearing a posthumous name, you shall remain here, with his name, I make thee my servant with this name and its alternate I use my life to make. Thou art (whatever the god named the regalia)! As a regalia, (regalia's formal name)! Come (regalia summoning name)!

What's a phantom?

A phantom is a corrupted spirit. A spirit can become corrupted by tainting their master, worrying, doing something bad like stealing, being sad or even mad. When they become completely corrupted they become a phantom. As a phantom they try to kill humans or make them do bad things. They're almost like voices in your head.

Why does Yato charge 5 yen for jobs?

Yato charges only 5 yen per job in hopes to finally get a shrine one day and become famous. Now if he wants a shrine so bad why doesn't he charge more then 5 yen? That's easy Yato is afraid that by charging more money for jobs he won't be able to get any costumers.(not that he gets any as it is) Yato advertises as much as he possibly can and since he doesn't get any jobs he goes and looks for people that do need jobs done. He has his own business card and everything. Hello it's your delivery God Yato! What can I help you with?!

What's a half phantom?

A half phantom is someone that is not yet dead but they aren't living. For example let's say I got crushed by a billboard( yes that is from flat stanly) and I almost died but I'm still alive. That would make me a half phantom. Though when your a half phantom there will be times when I would lose my body and pretty much fall asleep.

What's a blight?

A blight is when a gods regalia acts up and the God gets purple spot like marks on their body. If a god gets a blight and it is left untreated it will then spread through their body and kill them. In the old gods place a new younger God will be used to mark its place. For example let's say Yato died from a blight a new young Yato will take his place.

Thank you!!!!!

Thanks for reading my Noragmai review tell me what you thought and leave a show that you want me to do a review on in the comments! May the odds be forever in your favor!