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“In the United States you have a weapon to defend yourself, your home, your garden, your wife, your children; even the dog and the cats. This tradition doesn’t exist in Switzerland” Swiss law requires men to enlist in the military or do national service by age 25. This means that many more people know how to safely handle guns than in the US. Also, “In Switzerland to be a citizen and to have a weapon were very, very linked with community, or with the nation,” Lang said. “It was not linked with your garden or your family.” So gun ownership in Switzerland is based on defending the community, not the individual. This is fundamentally different than in the US.
@longboarder check this out
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Good to know that guns do not necessarily equal violence!
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@beeonka I think the article points out that guns aren't harmless either.
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super interesting...what kinds of guns are legal in switzerland?
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@leecatlee Guns are legal because they are for the defense of the state, ammunition is kept at designated places and would be claimed if needed
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